A Different View of Chicago

This morning Mr. Dottie and I set out at 9 o’clock for brunch at the home of friends. The catch: they live over 15 miles away (31 miles roundtrip) in Hyde Park, aka Obama’s neighborhood. The ride was totally worth it for their fantastic food and company, plus I always like an excuse for a bike expedition.

Thanks to the Lakefront Trail, the ride there was simple and beautiful. From our house we rode a mile east to the Trail, then 14 miles south down the Trail, then a mile west to their house. I often ride along the north side of the trail, but very rarely along the south side. The south side is much quieter and less crowded, more nature-like and removed from the city.

Me at Promontory Point - view of skyline from the south side

Greg and Sir Raleigh at Promontory Point

Museum of Science and Industry

I'm on a boat! Not really, I only wish I were.

Part of the skyline from the south

Chicago skyline with kid biking

I wish I could convey the feel of the 90-degree heat, burning sun, miraculously cold lake breeze, cookout smells, boom box music, children laughing… We returned home at 5:30 pm, exhausted in a good way, feeling alive.

This is going down as a Summer Games event, “explore a new part of town by bike.” Although I’ve been there before, I don’t go often, and I’m not eligible for prizes, anyway :)

Read about my ride to Hyde Park last year here.

While you’re at it, check out this fun write-up with photos of the south side Lakefront Trail from Bike Bliss.

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13 thoughts on “A Different View of Chicago

  1. Randall says:

    What a cool ride on a hot day. The pics look terrific! The bike gods were not nice to me today; I’m about to post that little adventure. I’m glad they smile down on you two! :)

  2. d says:

    What a lovely ride. It made me think about tandems….Oh! and dinner

  3. TroisV says:

    This makes me a little homesick, here on the other side of the Atlantic. Especially that last photo.

  4. Melissa S. says:

    Love the Lonely Island reference! Maybe we can come up with a bike parody….”I’m on a bike..and I’m riding fast and…..”

  5. Cherilyn says:

    Those pics look familiar! Almost the same ride we did when we visited you in June.

    Looks like a lovely time! Isn’t it empowering to get outside on a day that keeps most other folks indoors?

  6. Scott says:

    I never used to take my Oma on the path, until I saw you do it so many times on this blog. On Friday I rode it from the Loop to North Pond in the park. It was so hot, I gave myself an extra 15 minutes so as to arrive presentable. One can forget how nice the path is compared to city streets.

  7. I just wanted to give *Mr.Dottie* two-thumbs-up!!

    It’s such a wonderful experience riding with your *other*.

    The boyf & I have been going out for four years, and he’s the one who re-introduced me to biking and got me hooked.
    It used to be that I rode with him, but now I’m glad he rides with me. :*

  8. 15 miles to get to another neighborhood within Chicago, I did not realise it was so large! Your Lakefront trail goes on for such a long distance, it’s amazing.

  9. Amanda says:

    Aw, your photos of “the point” make me miss those hot days in Hyde Park when that was the best place to go swimming.

  10. tmolly says:

    What a lovely ride!

    I see a vented helmet in your photo! May I ask what model it is and the color? From the photo, that color seems perfect, as I’ve been trying to find a light-colored neutral helmet that doesn’t make my beige bike look “dirty” by contrast (as white and silver helmets do).

  11. […] in me that is curious about this, that desperately wants to test the limits of my endurance. I read posts about bike excursions and female distance riders, and I start thinking how much fun it would be to be out and about with […]

  12. Trisha says:

    I love those red sunglasses. :)

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