Nashville and the Long Way Home

Well. It’s the final stage of the LGRAB Summer Games and I have to say that the competition for the Batavus BuB is fierce.  But! There are many more of you who could be contenders, if you complete an event (or two) this week.

Though sadly ineligible for a prize, I took the long way home on Friday. That day (the same day Kim @cottenmusic saw me in the Village), this just meant going a few blocks out of my way on S. Douglas Ave. since I was already running late for my evening plans.

Wide and gently curving with slow-moving traffic, the street is terrific for cyclists. At the turn of the century, when the neighborhood was being planned, the center lane held a trolley car. Of course in the 1940s all that went away.

More pics from my long way home:


Will I ever get tired of pics of heels on asphalt? probably not.


Won't you be my neighbor? Both of these houses are for sale


Love the faded tones of this fire hydrant.


Dollar General


Zanie's makes me laugh

Somehow, the books I was carrying waited until I was just a couple of yards from the front door to slide out from under my PoCampo bag.


Despite being certain that it was my weekend to finish Parisians AND The Great House, I only made it halfway through Parisians (blame the World Cup). But I plan on getting through both this weekend.

How will you close out the LGRAB Summer Games? Don’t forget to get your entries in by Monday, July 18!

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5 thoughts on “Nashville and the Long Way Home

  1. d says:

    When I read about the “Long Way Home”, it immediately took me back to the song and era of the seventies. These last few days, I am unable to get the song out of my head.
    When I ride my shwinn step-through in root-beer color it just seens so right. People turn to see who in the world is singing on a bike. Oh well, take the long way home, hum hum hum hum

  2. NancyB says:

    I love your pics esp. the fire hydrant. When I ride I often try to see beauty in the mundane.

  3. Traci says:

    You know you’re in the south when you see a Dollar General – haha :) Even the tiny little town I grew up in (pop. 3000) has a Dollar General! Love the silver bag and shoes!

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