LGRAB Summer Games, Part III: New Territory

We are now entering the final phase of the Summer Games. How time flies! Ladies and gentlemen, your challenge awaits.

June 28-July 18: New Territory

  • Ride a greenway (“nature” bike trail)
  • Have a bicycle picnic
  • If you don’t normally ride to work, commute by bike, or by bike/train or bike/bus
  • If you do commute, take the long way home: add distance to your usual ride
  • Explore a new part of town by bike

Prizes for this round (to be awarded to anyone who plays in Part III) include:

Winners will be determined by random drawing on July 19. As always, email us your blog links or your stories and photos using the subject line “Summer Games Part III Entry” (and check out our Flickr group). Don’t forget that you must complete two events in each round to be eligible for the grand prize of a Batavus BUB. See our original post for complete details.

Thanks to all the sponsors and players! You can drool over the complete prize list here.

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10 thoughts on “LGRAB Summer Games, Part III: New Territory

  1. dave says:

    how time flies! i’m especially looking forward to some picnics, and portland is playing evening movies in parks around the city too, starting in july. hooray!

  2. Simply Bike says:

    Wow, time flies indeed! I have to say, these Summer Games have played a decided role in my life this summer. It got me to bike in Prague, to want to be more exploratory in my bike riding, and now I look forward to what round III will bring.

    I will be blogging about the events for Round III on Simply Bike, I hope that’s no problem (having documented the first two on academichic).


  3. Kara says:

    So I have to admit, I am not very savvy…

    What exactly constitutes a Greenway? Is it a paved bike trail? Or only a dirt trail?

  4. […] finally, decorating and utilizing my bike for its carting capabilities. The Games are now in their Third Session, which is all about exploring new territory, such as using your bike to go on a picnic. Yes, […]

  5. meligrosa says:

    i totally missed the other categories, but will a few of this one!! :D
    besos y kisses <3 m

  6. […] a bit of outfit catch-up over the next few days. Happily, this post can also double as an entry for the third part of the LGRAB summer games, “New Territory.” When my now-husband and I were dating, one of our favorite things to do together was to explore the […]

  7. Jennifer S. says:

    Yay for the Queen Bee pannier! I am friends and neighbors with the brother of the creator of this Portland, OR company. This is how the internet connects the world: I live in Virginia, your blog is in Chicago and Nashville, and Queen Bee is in Oregon. Love it!

  8. […] In fact, it was too hot to ride the bike during the day at all today. So the last piece of the Summer Games, the picnic, had to be redefined. The RHG, Momo and I just went for a latenight, urban guerilla […]

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