A Peek at the Batavus BUB

The Summer Games are getting really exciting, especially now that the prize-winning has begun! The Batavus BUB is our grand prize, very generously offered by Fourth Floor Distribution. I have several BUB photos that I’ll post periodically to keep you all motivated. Here, Mr. Dottie checks out a diamond frame BUB.

Mr. Dottie on the BuB

{Note that this is not the actual grand prize BUB, just one from the floor at Copenhagen Cyclery. The prize BUB is coming straight from Fourth Floor .}

Too bad Mr. Dottie is not allowed to win prizes – he and the BUB look pretty good together. Good luck to everyone else!

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11 thoughts on “A Peek at the Batavus BUB

  1. Molly says:

    Ooh, definitely drooling over the BUB. These pics are definitely motivating. Are you still planning to do a round-up of the part 1 participants who didn’t blog but posted pictures on Flickr? I can’t be the only one who is super excited about the Summer Games doesn’t blog about biking.

  2. We were fortunate enough to have two of the BuB prototypes here a while back. Here is a collection of BuB photos (and note the color of the leaves.)


  3. Ipstenu says:

    Wow, that looks awesome! :) I’ve been tooling around Chi on my teeny weeny Dahon folding, but that’s the sort of ‘grown up’ bike I love :) Awesome photo, too!

  4. Miss Sarah says:

    Love bike ogling. When I’m in Chicago can you take me to the place where you rode that ridiculously gigantic but awesome box bike?

  5. margonaute says:

    I saw the diamond frame BUB in person when I picked up my Fryslan. Not to poo-poo, but the step-through is so much better looking! More paper-clippy. I mean, I wouldn’t kick the diamond frame out of bed, but I find the way the “paper clip” part just stops when it hits the seat post to be very unsatisfying, aesthetically. It would be so much better if, say, the top bar continued and looped back to form a kind of second top bar underneath.

    Still a great bike, obviously, and *major* ups to Fourth Floor Distribution for their generosity!

    • I agree. Even though I prefer lugged frames, the “paperclip” look of the ladies’ model is such a unique design that it got my attention right away. The men’s model is nice, but more normal and less “wow”.

  6. Sophie M. says:

    Snazzy! Question: What kind of helmet is Mr. Dottie wearing? I’m in the market for new head protection and like the looks of this one.

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