Go ahead, ask us anything*

Just a quick note to say we’ve joined Formspring as a fun and easy way to generate a FAQ. What’s Dottie’s favorite camera? Why did Trisha go to England for her Batavus? How did we get started with cycling? Where did we get that mirror/helmet/skirt? How many cats do we have, anyway? Now’s your chance to ask, either on our page or through the form we’ve added to the right-hand sidebar. If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll see the questions as we answer them, but we’ll post periodic updates here as well.

*the best thing about Formspring? Only the questions we choose to answer will be displayed on the page.

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3 thoughts on “Go ahead, ask us anything*

  1. Here’s my question: when (if ever) & where do you ride helmetless?


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