Cherry Blossom Oma

Oma triumphantly returns to LGRAB, ushered in by cherry blossoms and ladybugs!

During the winter I rode only Oma, keeping Betty Foy in the garage due to her lack of studded tires and protection from the elements. After the first signs of spring last month, I started riding only Betty. I missed Betty’s peppiness and also was too lazy to remove Oma’s winter studded tires.

Today, missing my sweet Oma girl, I finally brought her to the shop for the tire swap. Boy, was she glad to be out in the spring air!

{I adore these cherry blossoms. I believe this is the same kind of tree Trisha captured yesterday, but the ones in Chicago are all white.}

Anyone else tend to ride certain bikes during different times? And then feel guilty for neglecting the other(s)? ;)

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18 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Oma

  1. anna says:

    As I have two bikes now, I can say that to have different bikes makes some sense. In also prefer a another bike in the winter. I ride my mountain bike then, because I know it better, it’s more agile and it has tires with better grip. Paula’s baloon tires are fine, but don’t have a very good profile, so I don’t feel comfortable riding in snowy and icy conditions.

  2. Lorenza says:

    I have my Pashley which I adore, and although I get tempted by many other beautiful bikes, I prefer keeping one. Pashley is great all year round really, the winter here is just very very cold and rainy, but not snowy enough for different tyres etc. Sentimentally (maybe silly so) I find my Pashley to be the best friend of cycling adventures, one is what I need I guess. On an utilitarian point instead I am considering a Brompton for its versatility of being taken easily on public transport, mostly for work (meetings, site visits etc) and travelling (you can take a Brompton for free on mostly any UK and European trains!).

    We are car-free and in the future I would consider a cargo bike, like the bakfiets (two wheels) you featured not long ago! :D PS – I love your dress and red shoes!! How do you cycle with pumps without losing them when stand tip-toe at traffic lights? I use small elastic bands, which are great if you wear trousers but I was wondering if there was another tip when wearing skirts/dresses? xxx

    • Dottie says:

      I so want a Brompton! This acquisition won’t happen anytime soon, though, because of money. Sad face. I also want a Pashley.

      I’ve never used any bands or straps on my shoes. I sort of arch my feet so they grow tighter on the back of the shoe and don’t fall off. Some shoes require more concentration than others.

  3. welshcyclist says:

    I really love to read your blog it brightens up my day. Spring, it seems, has well and truely arrived in your part of the world. Sadly, the trees etc., here, have yet to bud, spring is very late, but I’m glad to say the sun is shining and temperatures are rising. Forgive me, but I have to say it, yet again, you are looking gorgeous as well.

  4. Karen says:

    Just got caught up on your April posts. Thanks to Dottie and Trish for all the midwest flowers. Another cold and windy cold front is moving into Northern Arizona so I appreciate knowing that somewhere it is spring.

    I too feel guilt about neglecting one of my bikes. Just yesterday I fretted that I had not been on the Expedition in quite a while. May seem odd to some but we all know that a bike is not just a bike.

  5. We have both the white and the pink blossoms in Boston, and they are so-so beautiful, as are the magnolia. If only all of this lasted longer!

  6. E A says:

    Where are the cherry blossoms in Chicago?

    Great pics! These should be featured in the Chicago Flowers calendar for 2011…. ;-)

  7. Christa says:

    Beautiful! Lovely style.

  8. anna hell says:

    All of your spring bloom photos have been great, but these really took my breath away. The closeups of the flowers in the blue sky are beautiful. Well done!

  9. Elisa M says:

    You and Oma are like PB&J, or Pirates and Rum…you simply belong together!

  10. Lady Vélo says:

    1st of all – absoultely beautiful photos… and I adore that dress and red-shoe combo!

    I only have one bike (my Pashley Princess) – I’ve toyed with the idea of having more than one bike… if I did, I’d have to go for another Pashley – the Tube Rider! At the moment, I know I’m very happy with Frankie.

    The Boy wants to get a 2nd bike – mainly for when he is staying in London with me – he likes the idea of a Brompton :)

  11. I just came across your blog, and I love it! I wish I had a bike like Oma!

    Your red flats are so sweet, too!

  12. what cute red shoes!

  13. Laurie H says:

    SUPER DUPER cute outfit! I love the navy and red combo! You are so adorable and all your spring pictures are just lovely! Thanks again for sharing!!!

    PS: I got my haircut! I’ll post pictures tomorrow!

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