Reader of the Week

Reader Sila from Jakarta sent this picture of her neighbor’s cat, Lukpi, who popped over one evening to read Let’s Go Ride a Bike with her.

We're big with the Indonesian cat crowd

It reminds me of what I told my mom when she asked me what Dottie and I talked about enough to email several times a day. “I don’t know . . .  books, politics, bikes, feminism, cats—the important things in life.” A quick review of our archives reveals that all of these things (especially the cats!) have popped on our blog, so maybe it’s not so surprising that the site has become popular with members of the feline persuasion.

If anyone else has caught their cat reading LGRAB, consider this an official call for submissions. And hey, if we get more than five over the course of this week, we might have to consider it a contest and offer a prize. Liven up our workdays — email those pics.

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9 thoughts on “Reader of the Week

  1. Dave says:

    Well, I’m sure our cats would be interested in LGRAB, except that they seem to be a bit too lazy to be too interested in anything but food :)


  2. If my cat were still around, I’m sure she’d read LGRAB, too!

  3. Amy says:

    I think that the only thing mine are interested in is sleep and food. That and occasional urge to wedge themselves between me and the laptop in order to divert my attention towards them for ear scratches. :)



  4. Steve A says:

    Dogs like LGRAB as well. Dog rights!

  5. Yes, I was just going to ask about dogs too.

  6. Dottie says:

    Thanks, Sila! Lukpi is so cute. I’m going to have to stage some photos of my cats reading LGRAB. Of course, we like dogs, too :)

    Yes, that pretty much covers our conversations, plus obsessing about whatever trip we’re planning and food.

  7. simpledaisy says:

    My kitty is too much of a recluse to read blogs:)
    Maybe I can get her to participate but I doubt it!!
    Great photo!!!

  8. That is so cute!! I can’t wait to see what othe rpictures your readers send :D

  9. Sila says:

    Hi Girls,
    This is great! Thanks for posting this photo :)
    I got caught up with work and planning for a getaway trip that I’d only seen this post now.

    Thanks again and hope to see more cats and dogs fans on LGRAB!


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