Friday is for fun

And with the return of sun, and above-freezing temperatures in Nashville (at least for the past two days), I am ready to indulge.

The wind in my hair  was exactly what I needed.

End of the ride on Wednesday -- for some reason I choose cold days to take photos!

Other things this week that have helped chase the winter blahs* away:

  • Charlotte Gainsbourg’s latest album, IRM. Beck co-wrote and produced it and it is delightful. Watch the video of the album’s first single here.
  • Delicious Thai food from The Smiling Elephant.
  • Scarf month on Academichic–so many fun ideas! My fave so far, which worked great with my hair.
  • Keeping up with my training schedule to run an 8K (even though I failed to register for the race in time; oops! Ah well, it’s about the journey, right?)
  • The continuing antics of Baby Walter, when he’s not driving me crazy. Here’s a video of his latest favorite activity, although he was somewhat distracted by the camera.

Now, off to work I go. Happy Friday!

*and yes, I meant to say “blahs” and not blues.

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4 thoughts on “Friday is for fun

  1. Tammy says:

    Cute video! Our cat does the same thing, except she enjoys playing with water in the bathroom sink.

  2. Dottie says:

    Walter! He is such a big boy now. I still think of him as a kitty. Such a cute video, especially the “meeeooow” at the end. I gotta visit your cats sometime soon ;) And, of course, visit the Smiling Elephant.

    I love the pictures, especially you with your sunglasses, vest and windblown hair. Just looking at it makes me want to hop on my bike.

    Charlotte Gainsbourg – I still need to check out her album. I watched Science of Sleep last night and she’s in that. Very interesting. Album in French or English, I wonder. Heading over to check it out…

  3. Dottie says:

    Oooh, English, I like. Will have to take a trip to the record store tomorrow (as much as I love technology, I can’t get down with iTunes).

  4. nuliajuk says:

    I once had a cat that loved drinking from a trickle of water from the bathtub faucet. One day I didn’t get there to turn it on quickly enough for her liking, so she started pawing at the cold water tap herself, glancing at the spout to see if anything was coming out, pawing some more…
    It’s a little scary when you have a pet that may be smarter than you are. :-O

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