Foggy Navy Pier Ride

Today we engaged in our absolute favorite Saturday activity – cycling to Navy Pier to see a play at the Shakespeare Theater. In my opinion, this is the best theater in Chicago and we never miss a performance. There has been a “heat wave” of just above freezing this week. I doubled-up my tights, wore two sweaters, threw on snow boots and was good to go (my Marc Jacobs maryjanes rode in my basket – I have cycled in these heels, but my feet would have been too cold today). Since most of the snow and ice melted, I was able to pull out sweet Betty Foy for the ride. I missed her effortless pedaling, although the potholes that Oma handles so easily rattled my teeth.

Navy Pier looks much different on a foggy day. To see pictures I took on a beautiful blue day, click here.

Where did you ride this weekend?

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14 thoughts on “Foggy Navy Pier Ride

  1. Su Yin Khoo says:

    Wow, there’s something chillingly beautiful about the people-less pier. Also, nice dress!

  2. E A says:

    no rides yet this weekend… YET! :-) No sun and chilly today. How was the play? I went to the Chicago Winter Bike Swap – so I was surrounded by lots of things bikey. Yay!

  3. I rode to the bike shop and left my bike there for a post-accident tune-up!

  4. Christa says:

    Lovely mary janes and leggings.

    Increasingly want to visit Chicago. That part of the U.S. seems worlds away from California.

  5. I test rode an Electra Classic on a rainy night in Portland!

    What fun pictures – love the minimalism of the Ferris wheel and empty sky.

  6. Jim says:

    Our weather in Western NY has mirrored yours as of late. I’ve been cycling for errands but little else. Today was blessedly above freezing for the first time in weeks and I enjoy a recreational ride down the Niagara river to it’s mouth at Lake Ontario. Stopped briefly for coffee in the Village of Youngstown and then headed south towards home and smack into 25 mph headwinds. OUCH! Geared down and chugged all the way home. Still beat the hell out of sitting at home and not being outside.

  7. Amy says:

    No riding yet for me this weekend. I spent all day Saturday replacing brake cables and broken 40 year old bolts. :/ MAYBE today I’ll get to go out in the rain. Should be a good test for my cable replacing skills! Nice photos. Betty Foy is such a pretty steed.

  8. hey, where do you put your big winter boots when you’re done riding? do you take them with you into the theatre?
    i want to know because my days on campus are usually a little hectic (i.e. harder to drop off shoes in my office), and i wonder how you deal with the extra shoes.
    goodness, it looks beautiful there (and i love the sweet picture of your feet).

  9. Dottie says:

    @What Would a Nerd Wear – I always carry a large canvas bag as a purse and brought a plastic grocery bag for my boots. The boots then fit in the canvas bag and I brought it into the theatre and under my seat. For work I simply keep heels in my office all the time.

  10. Patrick in Chicago says:

    I rode what seemed to be all over town on a non-drinking bar tour with a buddy who seemed to want to visit every industry barkeep he knew! Seriously I’ve not been into so many bars when I wasn’t drinking on a Friday night. The riding was nice but I had to move fast in order to keep warm because I underdressed for the evening. I’m glad there was no Uptown to Pilsen trip or I would’ve been sad that night.

  11. Trisha says:

    LOVE the ferris wheel shot! I rode to work on Friday and . . . that’s it. Yesterday it was because of the pouring rain, but today I’ve just not left the house. Perhaps I’ll take a turn around the neighborhood before it gets dark.

  12. I think the pictures look nice even on this foggy day. The bits of colour really pop and the gray background looks mysterious. I need to go to the theater again soon!

  13. @Dottie

    yes, i should carry a bag with me too–much better idea.

  14. Laurie H says:

    Super cute outfit! I’m glad you dug out the heels for the photo! Fabulous!

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