Ice on the Lakefront Trail, Prada on Rush Street

On Friday, after riding city streets all week, the beauty and safety of the Lakefront Trail won me over. Light snow fluttered in the morning, but changed to freezing rain by the evening. Again the temperature was 30-something and my new thrifted wool cardigan kept me warm enough.

Major development:  ice is starting to encroach on the path.  Water laps up from the lake and then freezes.  This is nothing compared to how it will look in a month. Soon this entire stretch of path directly next to the lake will be covered.

Once I got back to civilization, I stopped to trade my hat for a helmet. Oma pulled over outside Prada, across the street from Hermes.  Typical.  She’s really more of a Chanel girl, but that store is around the corner.  I’ve never actually been inside these stores; I would feel too much like Vivian from Pretty Woman.  All my designer duds are purchased the classy way: at thrift stores, outlets and eBay.

I bought this Soma Morning Rush set from Copenhagen Cyclery. It was pricey at $40, but I could not resist having my morning brew with me for the cold winter.  All I need now is a heated saddle and iPod docking station.

Happy weekend!

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24 thoughts on “Ice on the Lakefront Trail, Prada on Rush Street

  1. Lucas says:

    Ice… there will be some of that on the Charles River trail come Monday after the Blizzard we are going to get tonight and tomorrow… I am really thinking about those studded tires, now! ;)

  2. bongobike says:

    I’m sure heated saddles and I-pod docking stations are not far away, given the trend towards practical city bikes. :)

  3. Amy says:

    LOVE the coffee mug and holder! I had been trying to figure out a way to do just that. I’m also being envious of your wintery cycling. I’m overhauling my rear hub right now, so I had to drive the car yesterday whilst getting the biggest snowstorm we’ve had here in quite some time. THREE hours in the car to make what would normally be a 30ish minute bike ride. I was being passed by cyclists. I’ve now decided that I need a winter beater so as to spare my antique Hercules and to have something to ride when she’s undergoing maintenance.

  4. Sox says:

    Here’s to legal stimulants!

  5. Emma J says:

    And with studded tires, will you be able to still bike over the ice patch?

    My eyes are really being opened to what is possible on a bike.

    • dottie says:

      Yup! As long as it’s not too bumpy. In fact, I know better than to dismount and try to walk my bike because my boots are not studded :)

  6. Steven Vance says:

    I like hearing about Oma’s personality.

    A heated saddle sounds like a great idea. Your bike’s dynamo hub could power it.

  7. I need a coffee mug on my handlebars! Does yours spill at all while you’re cycling? Does it stay hot for a while? I would be willing to pay $40 for a good set-up.

    Eustacia Vye was very excited to see your Oma parked in front of Prada, but now she’s complaining that I never take her to any fancy stores.

    • dottie says:

      I can’t judge yet. I’ve used it only for one ride and did not tighten the holster enough. The band jostled out of place when I went over big potholes, splattering some coffee around. I think that will stop once I tighten it properly. Also, my coffee was not hot when I got to work, but it sat around the house without the lid for about half an hour before leaving. So overall not too successful, but I’ll keep you updated.

      • No. The splattering will continue. I have had the same mug for a year now. It is worse with straight coffee than with a latté, maybe a thickness issue. It works best if you position it with the drink spout away from you when it is full.

        I just spend a minute at the café enjoying my coffee so that the mug is not so full when I hit the road.

  8. Giffen says:

    Stunning photos!!!

  9. Elisa M says:

    I love the green handlebars…Oma is so pretty for the holidays

  10. Matthew says:

    American’s and their cupholders. Forget Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford, the USA’s one great contribution to planet Earth has to be the cupholder.

  11. Aaron says:

    I like the heated saddle idea. A pothole-dotted descent during my evening commute causes me to hover over the saddle to absorb the shocks with my legs, and I’m always (unpleasantly) surprised by how cold my saddle gets during those thirty seconds. If only we could dissipate brake-generated heat to the saddle…

  12. Julian says:

    From one Dutch bike to another: beware that evil Soma mug, unless you like to wear your coffee. Replace it with an Oxo mug forthwith! My rant and helpful comments here:

  13. Step-Through says:

    I have a cupholder and there have been a few mishaps! You want a cup with a secure lid that seals shut – even the little vent hole.

    Otherwise there will be a two-part process: First bump, the hot beverage sploorts up through any holes, even those the size of a pinhole, and covers the top of the lid. Second bump, the liquid on top of the lid bounces up into the air and is blown back towards the rider. Sorry, I don’t like wearing coffee!

    Occasionally, I get away with using a disposable cup if I didn’t bring my insulated cup with me. I scotch tape the holes shut. It works for short distances.

  14. Christa says:

    Bicycle + Prada. Love it!

  15. Christa says:

    “My other legal stimulant is my bicycle” – wow, that’s pretty awesome. I need to get this cup!

  16. cratedigger66 says:

    that looks like a great cup. I need to solve that issue as well.
    I have a VO tea thermos, but it is only useful for carrying beverages to the bus or train, as you have to remove the cup from the top to enjoy the beverage.

    winter weather begs for hot tea or coffee.

  17. Bike Jerry says:

    The cup looks cool and I’m thinking about picking it up. One complaint that I read (on an Amazon review) was that the lid leaks. Has that been your experience as well?

  18. Bike Jerry says:

    Sorry – just read Adrienne’s post regarding the lid. Bummer, I really wanted this…

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