Sir Raleigh and Betty Foy

In celebration of the mild weather, Sir Raleigh and Betty Foy went for a date ride today – chaperoned by me and Mr. Dottie, of course. I think they are a perfect match. (Tip: you can now see a bigger version of each picture by clicking on it.)

I wore my new $15 vintage dress and deemed it very bike friendly.

I found nail polish yesterday that perfectly matches Betty. Last night someone I met asked, “What’s the story with the nail polish?” Um, it matches my bike? I fear that answer only made me stranger to her.

Now that Sir Raleigh is all done, except bar shellacking, I will have a full build description up soon. Also, the Betty Foy review I’ve been promising. Eventually.

Congrats to Michael at ecovelo on her new Betty! I look forward to reading all about their adventures and seeing their gorgeous photos.

Oh, and on our ride today we biked by Jeff of Uptown Biking Life on his awesome bike. Unexpectedly meeting people I know in this big city is so much fun.

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33 thoughts on “Sir Raleigh and Betty Foy

  1. Jim says:

    Great job on the Raleigh, Greg. You’ve really made it your own with your modifications, updates and improvements. Looking forward to the full report.

    We are also enjoying unusually fabulous weather here in Western NY. Took a country ride this morning in rural Niagara County and stopped along the way for a wonderful spinach-feta omlet. Keep those wheels turning.

  2. Dottie, this is too adorable! I love the cuddling bikes, the matching nailpolish, and those sweet butterflies!
    What a lovely post.

  3. grambev says:

    l love your photography and always check in to see what you’ll do next. ;)

  4. Trisha says:

    Lovely dress, and I always like to catch a glimpse of the tights that brought London to its knees. Hope Betty was nice to them! Oh and the picture of your reflection in the bell is clever, I love. Also like how the nose-to-nose bike shot demonstrates the very subtle difference between 700cc and 650B wheels (Greg does have 700cc, right?).

  5. Doug says:

    Sir Raleigh and Betty Foy look like a perfect match, as does the nail polish.

    Does Sir Raleigh have roller brakes front and back? Looking forward to the build description.

  6. Jeff says:

    The nail polish is wonderful! Sir Raleigh looks great, too, and I look forward to some details re. his components. BTW, it was most pleasant to see you today…

  7. maria says:

    Bicycle love!! Adore your dress, nails and butterflies.

  8. Cycler says:

    Love the butterfly tights, although for a second I thought they were tattoos!
    matching nail polish could come in handy if you ever need to do a tiny touchup!

  9. Mike says:

    Dottie, what’s the shade of nail polish called? It really is a perfect match for Betty Foy.

  10. miss sarah says:

    Slammin’ outfit.

    Hot tights. On me, the ones at the thigh would be WAY huger than the ones at my ankle. I like textured and coloured tights, but patterned and printed ones make me look fat. Well, so my mom has said so many times that I can’t get it out of my mind:)

    I’ll take pictures of Don’s bike + mine. You will find the symmetry that you and Greg have does not translate to us. We’re such a freak show.

    Happy riding! We were dry for a while but now it’s snowing again.

  11. Braxton says:

    You almost look elvish in this outfit. I imagine a little costume effort and you’d pair perfectly with your “Rivendell.”

    I’m really impressed with Greg’s final Raleigh product. Generated lights and internal gears? Five speed?

  12. These pictures are SO cute! And your dress…. I love. And those tights! I love.

  13. was the light wiring on the raleigh tricky? also, how does it hold up, seeing as its external?

  14. Peter Smith says:

    those pics remind me of the Emory bike video contest:

  15. The bikes look great together, and those are some nice photos! I am considering your camera when it comes time to get my replacement – perhaps for the holidays.

    That dress looks perfect with the stormy waters in the background.

  16. Charlotte says:

    OMG – love the nailpolish to match your bike!

    Can’t wait for the Raleigh write-up too.

  17. sara says:

    You in the bell! Great shot.
    Light blue nail polish on my toes in the summer= non-stop smile on my face

  18. Scott says:

    Greg, is your front hub the SA dynamo/brake combo? I tried to order this at Roscoe Village Bikes this weekend and they said they can’t get it.

  19. nuliajuk says:

    Good thing you chaperoned them. You don’t want to wake up some morning to find a litter of tricycles scampering around your living room.

  20. T. J. Mora says:

    Greg, I think Raleigh owes Betty a duel kickstand. She’s worth it.

  21. JazzBoy says:

    Great looking bikes. Sir Raleigh looks like it could benefit from a Hebie chainglider to protect its chain from the salted winter slush.

  22. MarkA says:

    Matching your nail polish to your bike? You’ve got it reallllly bad. I love it! I saw a bike in Paris recently and the rider had matched her bag to her bike (similar colour to your Betty) and i thought that was good going, but you’ve taken it to a whole other level!

  23. Ira says:

    The Raleigh looks fantastic, congrats. Which dyno hub is he using? Andrea just installed one on her commuter but we haven’t wired up a light yet.

  24. Erich says:

    This reminds my of my wife and I and our “date bikes” – she on her green Raleigh Mixte and I on my Bridgestone XO-1 with moustache bars. Well done.

  25. I find a lot of women like to have some aspect of themselves match the bike they ride, more so than cars. I think bikes are seated nearer to the heart than any other vehicle, looks fantastic!

  26. l liked the photographs and will often check in to see what you’ll do next. happy check-speed

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