A Very Good Day

The highlights:

  • I got a job as an in-house attorney for a charitable organization!
  • I am now the proud owner of a sweet camera, the Nikon D3000.
  • I rode home with Ms. E A, and this week I met several other cool bikey people.
  • The new Tori Amos winter album was released.

Here are some photographs of my day.

Betty Foy Glory

A very good morning


sun bike skyline

morning skyline

11-10 skyscrapers


11-10 ea

11-10 me night

11-10 night skyline

I might go a bit crazy with the pictures for a while, so bear with me as I learn how to use this new camera :)

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49 thoughts on “A Very Good Day

  1. Cosmo says:

    Congrats on the new job and the new camera! Definitely a top notch day.

  2. Oh those are some very nice shots! I especially like the macromode shot of the Betty headbadge. I am considering a good digital camera, but am torn about which one to get.

    Congratulations on the new job!

  3. Sox says:

    Congratulations on the new job! Good things do happen to good people,
    I am looking forward to many more pictures. These ones are great teasers of the ones to come.

  4. Congratulations! All the best wishes to you from us in Miami.

  5. Congratulations. That is a good day.

    Looking forward to all the pictures to come.

  6. Lorenza says:

    Congratulations on the job! That’s wonderful news :D Look forward to more great pics!
    L x

  7. Awesome! I’m so happy that you found a cool job! The camera takes nice photos, too.


  8. Mamavee says:

    congrats on the job. Great pictures! Love the night city pic!

  9. Congratulations on the new job. I like the Badge picture very much. The Photo’s are superb There must be a very strong Wind coming off that Lake a lot of times that slows you down.

    In Dublin if you are Cycling along the Coast the wrong way into the Wind you can really feel it slowing you down. If it is very bad,I just get off the Coast and go a Road Parallel and it improves tremendously.

  10. Tad Salyards says:

    Congrats on the new job and camera! The D3000 is a A LOT of camera and great for taking shot in low light situations. I’m jealous :)

  11. Bryan says:

    Good news about the job! In-house sounds like a good thing – I’m getting tired of billable hours.

  12. ksteinhoff says:

    Nice choice of camera. I use a Nikon D-40. It’s the first digital SLR I’ve picked up that feels like the old Nikon Fs that I spent most of my life working with.

    It’s a great bike camera. I keep mine in an Arkel small bar bag where it’s easy to grab. Sure, I could buy more expensive ones that would use the stable of lenses I have from my old film days, but they’d be heavy and less likely to be used.

    When I was home last month, I bought my 88-year-old mother an inexpensive Kodak digital camera and told her I wanted to see a new picture every day.

    After the first week, I told her that I was tired of seeing pictures of plants in the back yard, “go shoot some people.” I figured she’d shoot her friends.

    Nope, the next morning she sent me two nice portraits of two strangers she had met in the checkout lane at Walmart. Yesterday morning it was two shots of hairdressers at her hair salon.

    New cameras are neat.

    • Dottie says:

      Such a cute story about your mom. She sounds awesome.

      I’m very interested in your handlebar bag set-up. Right now I am carrying it in a camera bag that I throw in my basket and hold down with netting. I’d love to have a more convenient set-up.

    • E A says:

      Sounds like you got the set-up I want! Do you find the D40 still performs well? I’ve actually considered it and still am. From what I hear, it’s still a great machine and can rival the new ones.
      Good idea to keep in a bar bag… I’ll have to look into that.

      • ksteinhoff says:

        I’m super happy with the D-40. Here’s an excellent review that I agree with (maybe that’s what makes it excellent).

        I like the Arkel bag mounted on a second stem (so it doesn’t take up room other wise used for other toys). It’s a well-made bag with lots of protection and the inner bag is suspended, so it doesn’t jolt the camera as much as carrying it on a rack.

        I spent close to 40 years as a newspaper photographer before I retired last year. The D-40 has helped me rediscover how much fun photography can be.

  13. Step-Through says:

    Congrats! Do you have any tips for juggling both bicycle and camera? I’ve been trying to get some shots around Atlanta, but by the time I get the camera out and turned on, it’s too late. :(

  14. G.E. says:

    Congrats on a new job and the new camera! New toys are always fun, so I’m sure all will be excited to see what you snap shots of in your adventures.

  15. ksteinhoff says:


    Like I mentioned above, I keep my camera in a handlebar bag.

    Here’s what I use for mounting a video camera to the bars.

    My brother, who uses a light-weight point-and-shoot camera, made a handlebar mount out of a soft drink bottle and some spare parts.

  16. Keri says:

    Love the photos! And congratulations on your job!

  17. dukiebiddle says:

    Good news indeed in the new job. And a charitable organization to boot. Congratulations! I wonder, from a metaphysical standpoint, if doing lawyering for a charity reduces the obligatory lawyer purgatory sentence in the the afterlife? I’ll have to consult my Santeria priestess. This would work out very well for you!

  18. Kevin says:

    Congratulations on the job as well. More importantly, I hope the job has resulted in a bicycle commute which is to your liking.

  19. Wild Bill says:

    Congrats on the job! I hate working contract and dealing with the recruiters at the agencies. They always want to take you out to lunch and say a bunch of quotes from Glengarry Glen Ross as if they wrote it.

    That is a sweet camera. _Do_ go crazy with it. Please share what you learn about it as it relates to cycling. The night shot of downtown is fantastic. One reason that I like this blog is that you always have nice pictures. I look forward to many more.

  20. Jen says:

    Congratulations on the new job Dottie! I admire your brave decision to leave private practice and go for what you want. I have taken a year off to study and figure out my legal career and am now finding it hard to get back into the jobs market. It makes me happy to hear things can work out! In the meantime I have rediscovered the joy of cycling, thanks in part to your and Trisha’s wonderful blog.

  21. sara says:

    Congrats, Dottie. I only know you through the blogosphere, but I do believe your new non-profit is darn lucky to have you!

  22. Mike says:

    Congratulations, Dottie! You have a lot to celebrate! Sharing your joy in California…

  23. Carrie says:

    Congratulations – high five (with the hand not holding the new camera)!!

  24. Catherine says:

    Hey, that is a pretty good day! Well done!

  25. E A says:

    Love that first photo of the head badge!

  26. Well done!

    As for the new Nikon, it will work with virtually ALL Nikon SLR lenses made over the past 40 years (unlike Canon!). (Your exposure meter wont work with the older, manual focus lenses, but that’s not a big issue with DSLR cameras where you can preview and then review each shot). Many of the manual focus lenses which are out of favor have incredible optics and can be had for a song on ebay. You can also find reasonable rental rates on all kinds of amazing Nikon lenses for a day or a weekend.

  27. Scott says:

    Best of luck with the new job, Dottie.

  28. RowdyKittens says:

    Love the photos and best of luck with the new job! Too exciting. :)

  29. Edward Lark says:

    Major congrats on the new job. (Has got to beat contract doc review, any day of the week. :)

    Great shots with the new camera, too. I’m a Canon man myself, but you will love the Nikon.

  30. Anu says:

    Congrats on the job! And as other posters have said, the badge pic is very good!

  31. grambev says:

    You’re so talented and wonderful in all you do and I’m so proud of you!

  32. Christa says:


    Nice photos. I would love to visit Chicago, and see it from the bicycle of course.

    Love your vintage style.

  33. Carolyn says:


  34. ms. elle says:

    Congrats! Congrats!

  35. miss sarah says:

    So jealous of your new camera! Many of my friends are into photography, and I’ll just tell you now… take all the advice with a grain of salt. Everybody confuses me when they try to teach me about my camera because they all have different vocabulary for talking about it. Get the info, but at the end of the day I’ve found that just practicing and changing this setting and that setting, etc, does wonders for figuring out what I like.

    Also, everybody has a different style of picture taking. I get comments about how I should get this big flash thing… but I hate using flash. I have a normal lens and also a stubby lens. They are fun! Getting a remote control is on my to-do list. Will be handy for blogging!

    Enjoy your new toy! And be prepared for your purse to be a lot heavier.


  36. nuliajuk says:

    Congratulations on the job!
    As the world’s worst photographer, my camera of choice is a Panasonic Lumix. It’s so idiot-proof, it even lets me take good pictures.

  37. cratedigger66 says:

    congrats on the new gig and camera. the shots already look good!

  38. Dwayne says:

    Congratulations on the new gig. I just hope it doesn’t mean less posting here. I look forward to reading your blog every day.

  39. Hurray! Job! More money for bike things : )

  40. sigrid says:

    congratulations on the job! woo hoo!!!!! may you have warm memories of your time enjoyed away, and may you find equilibrium in your days ahead.

  41. k says:

    (chiming in late, I know)

    Hey, congratulations on both fronts! (I just got a D300 a few months ago and it has been a major life improvement.) Enjoy the Nikon glory!

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