Cozy Cocktail Party Ride

Friday’s cocktail party ride took place on the coldest night of the season (in the 30’s) after a day full of rain. A great group of stalwarts showed up – a mix of old and new bike friends – and the result was an alternating cold and cozy ride. I love cold weather because then you get to warm up afterward!

Fancy Drinks at The Violet Hour

Fancy Drinks at The Violet Hour

Me and Elisa

Me and Elisa

Ms. Elle writes at Dancing Gypsies. Cilantro is her fabulous vintage bike.

Ms Elle and her vintage bike, Cilantro

Ms Elle and Cilantro

Beers and Mac 'n Cheese at Uncommon Ground

Beers and Mac

Jeff writes at Uptown Biking Life. He has 7 bikes for 7 days – including this sweet Gazelle.

Jeff and his Gazelle

Jeff and his Gazelle

Scott and his WorkCycles Oma

Scott and his WorkCycles Oma

A and her partner E write at Two Pitties in the City and have the most adorable pit bulls.

A and her Gary Fisher Simple City

A and her Gary Fisher Simple City (E in the background)

John writes at Vote with Your Feet. Check out his amazing biking and walking adventures! Payton writes at West North.

John and Payton and a Pashley

John and Payton and a Pashley

The Dotties

The Dotties

I’ve mentioned before that a majority of Chicago cyclists quit with the first chill, and it was interesting to note that everyone who came to the ride is committed to riding this winter. We’ll definitely have to do this again in a couple of months in the snow. Something tells me the group will be very similar.

I loved hanging out with everyone, and Elisa got to see so much of the city. Cheers to fun bike rides!

(See pictures of our first cocktail party ride here.)

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12 thoughts on “Cozy Cocktail Party Ride

  1. Asia says:

    How fun this looks! Now, if only I could overcome my shyness and organize something like this here!

    And those men are dressed like true gentlemen!

  2. cratedigger says:

    looks like fun! wish I could have made it.
    Cold– no joke, it was 28 when I got up on Sunday AM! The wool is out for me for the season.

  3. That’s a nice “drinks” photo; evocative and a bit Haloweeny.

    Boston seems to be rapidly emptying of recreational cyclist as well, and I was shocked at how few people there were out on the river trail over Columbus Day weekend. October seems way too early to stop cycling!

  4. Lorenza says:

    looked fabulous!! temperature in the 30s??? But that’s -1 celsius (!!!!) I didn’t know temperatures dropped so quickly! I am moaning ‘coz here we are around 9 or 10 celsius… got to reconsider :) I am still cycling, oh yea! Gloves, scarves, warm head band under my helmet to keep my ears warm and off I go, I am hoping to stay strong and keep cycling through winter too :D

    cycle ♥

  5. payton says:

    Had a fantastic time meeting y’all.* Take care,

    * I was born in, but not of, the South, so my usage of this term is suspect.

  6. Elisa M says:

    It was so fun to ride with such dapper and smashing people. I couldn’t stop smiling as we rode home at 1:30 on empty streets, dressed to the nines and having a blast.
    Bike love!

  7. nadarine says:

    Oh, how I wish I would’ve been able to make it out on Friday night! It looks like such a lovely evening. And the Violet Hour… swoon.

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