Bike Skirt in Chicago!

Elisa of Bike Skirt fame is visiting from Alabama. And yes, we are now simultaneously blogging. I met Elisa in Nashville at the Garden Party Ride, but felt like I already knew her as a bike blog friend :)

Elisa and Betty Foy look tres chic together. I need a matching scarf! While I consider Betty my “racing” bike, Elisa kindly reminded me that the description is not quite accurate, compared to her drop bar bikes. Just wait ’til I get her on Oma!

Elisa and Me

Future Album Cover

Anyone who reads our blogs knows that rain would not keep us off our bikes, so we set off for downtown via the Lakefront Trail, despite the steady rain.

Elisa: Chic and Badass in the Rain

Elisa: Chic and Badass in the Rain

Once we made it downtown, dripping wet, we enjoyed overpriced beers in the John Hancock Building, 96th floor.



The views were totally worth it, as you can see from the picture below.

Foggy View

Foggy View

Yeah, that was sarcasm. Luckily, the fog eventually rolled away.



We spent the remainder of the day walking the Magnificent Mile, buying red lipstick from an insane Chanel clerk, trudging up 7 flights of escalators for tights at Macy’s, and gorging on deep dish pizza from Giordano’s. A perfect day!


Cocktail Party Ride Details: Meet at The Violet Hour at 6:30 tomorrow. Ride leaves at 7:15. Easy and casual, meandering to a few north side establishments. Hope to see you there!

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21 thoughts on “Bike Skirt in Chicago!

  1. Ah, cycling in the rain for beer, tights and red lipstick. You ladies are hard core!

  2. Trisha says:

    Hi Elisa! Looks like fun! Wish I could be there. Elisa and Betty seem to get along nicely — and she def needs to take a turn on Oma…

  3. Emma J says:

    What a lovely day! Thanks for letting us tag along.

  4. Guinness: I approve.
    Very cool.

  5. Beany says:

    Ooo I’m excited about this meetup.

    Maybe someone will come and visit me in Sun Diego? I think there are two lady bloggers and one of us (me!) could use loads of tips on generally being a bit more fashionable. On the plus side, I began wearing a skirt while riding thanks to BikeSkirt! Very breezy and cooling on hot days :)

  6. cyclemaniac says:

    Envy you both! ;)

    What a beautiful fog! .. :-D haahaa Jusst joking only! :-D

  7. meligrosa says:

    ah so cool!! <3 xo my ladies!!

  8. ms. elle says:

    Where might you ladies be around 9 pm-ish that I could meet you?!

  9. Geez, I’m passing through B’ham this morning and Elisa leaves town.

    Was it something I said?

  10. So, I wonder, if I wear my kilt and go riding, can I join the bike skirt contingent? ;-)

  11. grambev says:

    Chigago is so pretty, even in the fog. ;)

  12. Bryan says:

    That Rivendell is such a great looking bike! I wish I could afford to buy one for my wife.

  13. Scott says:

    Excellent, I will be at the cocktail ride tonight.

  14. Yokota Fritz says:

    Simultaneous bike blog posts – tres cute! Looks like Elisa is enjoying the visit.

  15. Giordano’s is the best! And the leftovers make a great breakfast.

  16. Mamavee says:

    A perfect outing.

  17. Elisam says:

    Twas a fun day indeed!

    Daniel:we at bikeskirt welcome all riders…but especially love those in skirts (or kilts!).

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