Fall Arrives in Nashville

When we posted about fall cycling wear last week, I felt like cooler weather would never make its way to Nashville. But after nearly two weeks under a raincloud that brought 100% humidity and overcast skies, a cold front is coming through. I like to think Dottie’s waving it my way from Chicago.

There are leaves on the ground.

The autumn leaves . . .

The autumn leaves . . .

And cool mornings with bright blue skies.

But the best thing about this temperature change? I have a feeling tights might make it into my wardrobe rotation this week.

Some favorites from my tight collection

A few favorites from my tights collection--I'm drawn to texture, color, and yep, sparkles.

Are you seeing signs of fall?

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12 thoughts on “Fall Arrives in Nashville

  1. cupcakerator says:

    We’ve definitely felt a cold blast from the west lately here in Grand Rapids. We even had 50 mph winds yesterday!

    But I’m excited as ever to wear my faux leather bomber jacket with a dress and some opaque tights.

    I just hope it doesn’t rain for our local tweed ride this weekend!

  2. Scott says:

    Trisha, are you aware of any shops in Chicago that carry your Batavus? I showed your blog to a friend and now she wants to test drive one.

  3. dottie says:

    I see a sign of fall: currently 48 degrees in Chicago!

  4. wow, our leaves have barely started falling and most things are still plenty green. I’m sure that change very soon.

  5. Catherine says:

    Yes, and it’s breaking my heart because I’ve been oversleeping every morning for a week now, which means that I’ve been taking them Metro or (sigh) driving to work. Cycling to work only takes 15-20 minutes longer than driving (especially when you factor in traffic and parking/walking time), and is almost equal to Metro time, but I keep having visions of my boss calling me on my cell phone, wondering just why I’m in yet. Somehow the idea of taking that call while out on a bicycle seems like a bad idea (I suppose the bike connotes fun, leisure, personal time and does not properly convey the “I’m sorry I’m hurrying as fast as I can” vibe).

    The lesson learned here is that I have to just start getting my booty out the door on time (which means getting myself to sleep on time) so that I have a chance to enjoy this fall weather!

  6. During the 2 weeks we have been on Cape Cod, the foliage has gone from mostly green to distinct patches of red. It is amazing how quickly these changes can happen.

    I love your photo of tights! I have lots of them as well and am looking forward to busting out my collection.

  7. miss sarah says:


    I can’t believe how tidy you store your tights! Mine are all shoved haphazardly into this one poor drawer. You are definitely more martha stewart than I:)


  8. Dean Peddle says:

    Yes…fall has hit hard here in Canada. I must say I’ve read the post here that people prefer cycling in Fall as it’s cooler but I don’t….I’ll take the heat any day. Problem is when riding to work in my street clothes….I’m at that fine line where wearing a coat will make me sweat and not wearing it will make me cold. I find I sweat more with the coat on then a hot sunny day with a t-shirt. I hate that….but it aint going to stop me from riding.

  9. sara says:

    Fall is making its way here as well. I now have to concern myself with dressing my kids appropriately so they don’t complain about being too cold on the bike on the way to school & finding storage on the way home on the bike for their sweatshirts & fleece so it won’t be too warm on the bike in the afternoon! Good thing we’ve got cargo bikes, not just for them, but for all their stuff as well!

    We did just do a big order of new Bern helmets for all my fellas with warm & fuzzy ear inserts that they are excited to break out. Now I won’t have to worry about always dressing them in sweatshirts with hoods that could come over their heads & still fit under their helmets. Nothing like boys with cold ears and lots of complaints to make bike commuting a bit of a drag…

  10. Astrid Honeybee says:

    In England it was really cold on Sunday morning when I went to work on my bike. but it was too late to get a coat, so I had to pedal more!!! and I got there super quick the next day I had to put my lights on!!! in the morning. but I like autumn.

  11. CJ says:

    I broke out the tights a couple weeks ago (OK, so I was hurrying fall! So what?) and was definitely sporting them today. Fall arrived in Birmingham, as well, and I’m loving it.

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