Autumn Dress

The temperature this morning in Chicago was 48 degrees, with a high of 57. A perfect day to put in action my How to Dress for Fall Cycling advice. Two weeks ago I wore this strappy summer dress alone with sandals. Today it became an autumn dress with the help of knee-high wool socks, tall lace-up boots, a cardigan, and gloves.



Dresses make up the bulk of my wardrobe, so I will be performing this trick a lot during cold weather. Eventually, I’ll pull out my three pairs of jeans, which I like wearing only in fall and winter.

I’m getting more and more excited about fall!

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17 thoughts on “Autumn Dress

  1. Wow, you look like you just walked out of a vintage magazine!!! You’re totally rocking the ruffles and lace up boots. I’m jealous…..

  2. Astrid Honeybee says:

    I rarely wear jeans too.

  3. stevevance says:

    You’re an expert on appropriate wear without looking “like a biker.”

  4. Steve A says:

    Cool looking biker boots! I tried wearing cowboy boots once. Didn’t seem right, but maybe it was the drop bar bike.

  5. That’s a beautiful outfit!
    Looks perfect with Oma.

  6. Sox says:

    I love the ‘sepia’ look of the picture even tho’ it is still a colour photo. Very vintage!

  7. Cycler says:

    I WANT those boots- SO cute!
    Are they vintage?

    On comments on an older post, someone said that they were tired of the Chic Cyclist movement because they felt it played into objectification of women. Perhaps if you only read the NY Times. To me, it’s about wearing whatever you happen to be wearing to live your life on your bike. Whether that’s jeans or supercool boots, or both!. It’s not so much about being a fashionista, as it is about not having to change your clothes to ride a bike

    Viva la Revolución

    • dottie says:

      I wish the boots were vintage – that would be too cool. My husband bought them new for my birthday 3 or 4 years ago.

      I agree with your thoughts on the chic cycling movement. It’s more about being yourself than anything else – on and off the bike.

      Viva la Revolucion :)

    • Catherine says:

      +1 Cycler. I am hardly a fashionista, or even a fashionista wannabe. Or anything remotely “in vogue”. I happen to be someone who likes wearing skirts and dresses (in fashion or not) and who doesn’t like the idea of changing clothing in order to get from Point A to Point B. What is so mind boggling about this idea?

      I will admit that people seeing others in street clothes (nice street clothes) on bikes helps get others to think “oh, hey, I could do that”, and an attractive bike plus an attractive outfit helps people think “oh, hey, I wish I looked like that”. But it’s not what it’s about….it’s just a side-effect.

  8. sigrid says:

    skirts – they go with EVERYTHING! Especially a d-s-b…
    Cold weather goes with NOTHING. ;p (you know me, that w***** word is a swear word in my book). Thinking warm thoughts…

  9. anna says:

    Me too. Fall is great :-).

  10. maria says:

    This outfit is awesome!! It’s so very fall and lovely.

  11. meligrosa says:

    gimme those boots! ill take a pair in red, thanks ;)

  12. Pearl says:

    Love the boots (a common theme, it seems!). I am actually looking forward to the short DFW winter so that I can wear gloves, boots, and tights instead of few-clothes-so-I-don’t-sweat-to-death gear.

  13. […] Beer and Books in Sevier Park Though we’ve already penned our odes to fall and tights, and recapped our fun-filled summer, I left work this afternoon to find an overcast […]

  14. […] Beer and Books in Sevier Park Though we’ve already penned our odes to fall and tights, and recapped our fun-filled summer, I left work this afternoon to find an overcast […]

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