Together Again! (Again!)

Surprise – Trisha and I are together again! She’s in Chicago for the weekend, to be joined soon from Texas by our friend Tanya. Tonight we rode our (well, my) bikes downtown for a picnic in Millennium Park. I thought we were going to see a free ballet performance, but that was yesterday – oops! my bad. We still enjoyed our picnic and the beauty of the park at night.

Trisha and Dottie - you'll have to take our word for it

Trisha and Dottie - you'll have to take our word for it

Laughing :)  Totally not staged

Laughing :) Totally not staged

Mr. Dottie  /  Greg (the profile, not the huge head)

Mr. Dottie / Greg (the profile, not the huge head)

Fountains in Millenium Park

Fountains in Millenium Park

The Fountainhead

The Fountainhead - like Ayn Rand, get it? I'm so clever

Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate

Art installation or spaceship?

Art installation or spaceship?

Trisha watches the history of Chicago

Trisha watches the history of Chicago

To prove that it’s really us, not random silhouettes or mannequins :)

See - it's us!

See - it's us!

Greg, Trisha and Oma

Greg, Trisha and Oma

Lots more fun in store, including our exciting (and highly amusing) debut how-to video.

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10 thoughts on “Together Again! (Again!)

  1. calitexican says:

    the first few pictures BLOW MY MIND!!! i LOOOOVE ballet, bikes and bikey babes posing as ballerinas! seriously though, the shots are great and it looks like you had a fantastic time. this city called chicago is looking better and better with each funemployment post. :)

  2. Love that ballet performance! That park has a very futuristic vibe to it, wow!

  3. lorenza says:

    brill pictures ;) can I be geeky and ask if you know who the tensile structure (the spaceship like) is by? We had same/similar structure here in Manchester for the International Manchester Festival ;) I absolutely love the art/media installation in the fountain!! :D L xxx

  4. miss sarah says:

    I’m so jealous you’re reunited with your BF. Mine all live far away:(

    As an aside. Chicago looks fantastic! As another aside, Don and I were going to go last year for my spring break, but I was too pregnant and they wouldn’t let me fly internationally. An another another aside. We’re most likely going to Chicago THIS spring break! Will have to hit you up for the where to eat/what to do:)


  5. Elisa M says:

    oh man, I can’t wait to come visit in October! I hope Betty is tall enough for me. :)

  6. E A says:

    dottie … great shots! night time photos can be a challenge, but you nailed ’em! whatever camera you’re using is working well for you!

    looks like you enjoyed your weekend – together! yay!

  7. […] Premier: Our First How-To Video Attentive readers might remember Dottie’s passing mention of us filming a how-to video when I was in Chicago two weeks ago. We decided to start with the […]

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