Tweed Ride!

Yesterday I rode with Chicago’s second Tweed Ride. I can’t resist calling it a jolly good time. It felt kinda like a reunion of the first Tweed Riders, along with many new faces. Lots of style and bicycle eye candy. Due to my packed schedule, I was able to stay only long enough to drink a half liter of Oktoberfest, take pictures, and ride a bit. Enjoy the results!

9-12 pub

9-12 dot tweed front

9-12 mixte

9-12 mustache

9-12 a

9-12 bamboo

9-2 kid

9-12 bowtie

9-12 hats

9-12 jonathan

9-12 long skirt

9-12 monocle

9-12 pair

9-12 netting 9-12 pink tie

9-12 pink

9-12 schwinn

9-12 side

9-12 ties

9-12 tweed

9-12 tweedy

9-12 two 9-12 socks

9-13 garth

Thanks to Garth (above) for putting it all together!  I’m looking forward to the next Tweed Ride!

I wrote about the first Tweed Ride here. Read more about Tweed Rides worldwide on SF Tweed.

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25 thoughts on “Tweed Ride!

  1. Karen says:

    Everyone looks very fabo! I am inspired for this fall. Oh, why can’t every city just be Chicago?

  2. Mamavee says:

    Nice!!! I adore that demin dress at the end. You look FAB. I am so sad I have to miss Boston’s Tweed ride.

  3. Jon Grinder says:

    I had my own little tweed ride, down to the coffee shop this morning. That’s pretty normal for me, when the temps are in low 50s or cooler.

    You looked very cute, as usual, in your tweed ride outfit. Keep up the fashionable life!

  4. Beany says:

    Everyone does look fabulously tweedy! I love the mustachioed lady.

  5. Trisha says:

    Great pictures! I love your outfit, of course.

  6. Elaine says:

    Wow….soooo amazing!! I absolutely loved all these pictures!

  7. Garth says:

    Thanks for rolling with us and sharing the photos!!!

  8. Carlos says:

    Beautiful photos! I wish we could get one of these together for NYC, but we’d probably be confused with the Critical Mass rides and get beaten up by the cops.

  9. Aaron Bussey says:

    Nice write up Dottie! Till the next ride – snow is bullocks!

  10. You look so natural in tweed and pearls, it’s amazing! Great colour combination of the clothing too – it evokes the gentle fading of summer, as captured on Trisha’s earlier photo.

  11. cupcakerator says:

    These are fantastic! It really makes me look forward to the Grand Rapids Tweed Ride in a few weeks!

  12. Aaron Bussey says:

    Do you have any info on the Grand Rapids tweed ride? I have to go!

  13. We’d bake in tweed here in Miami, but this is so cool.

  14. RidingPretty says:

    Looks like a lot of fun, and what stylish riders in your group.! For moreTweed… meaning a little SF Tweed Style, fun FALL Tweed Forecasting and the upcoming SF Tweed Ride info do stop by!

  15. Scott says:

    I would love to ride one of these if they plan it on a day when it isn’t above 80 degrees. If there’s another one, I will wear my new monocle.

  16. Man says:

    Great event recap pictures. That picture of you is stunning – could be an ad in itself for the next Tweed Ride!
    I trust there was no eventful bike accident as during the last Tweed Ride?

  17. lorenza says:

    How wonderful! And you still seem to have summer weather! :D very jealous ;) L x

  18. grambev says:

    What GREAT pictures! :)

  19. Aprildentist says:

    Wonderful pics and blog! Thanks for not making me pose for the camera (profile shot of girl sitting on bike in plaid hat). I always come out looking like I’m posing for those horrid high school glamor shots, with chin resting on hand. I just discovered the biking community in Chicago and also just started blogging, have a few posts on the great biking events I’ve gone to recently if you’re interested — Keep up the blogging, great read.


  20. […] of rural Alamance Co, NC, so I’m not needing to cycle in nice clothes for date-nights, and tweed-themed rides haven’t really taken off […]

  21. […] at the bake sale idea. I’m never one to turn down free bike stuff. In case I want to go to a classy event instead of just getting from place to […]

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