Vintage Fun

Trisha and I are working on a short series about vintage and thrifted style – bicycles and clothing!  In the meantime, here’s a taste of my vintage fun for today. I wore an outfit centered around a vintage ’80’s (yes, ’80’s is now vintage and we are all old) skort I recently acquired. This is the kind of clothing that I love and that my sisters would wrinkle their noses at in disgust and ask why I insist on dressing like mom.  Oh, and I got a haircut – bangs!


Outfit for toodling on bike
Vintage '80's skort
H&M t-shirt
Marc Jacobs flats
Marc Jacobs sunglasses
Fairy necklace from Celtic street fair
Nutcase Starburst helmet

I stopped by Haystack Vintage, one of my new favorite shops, and spotted this extensive collection of vintage bikes outside. So cute, but they all look so small!

Vintage Bikes at Haystack

Vintage Bikes at Haystack

Inside, I bought vintage t-strap Spiess shoes. They actually say “made in W. Germany” on the inside. Very cool. These will go with almost anything and they’re very comfortable. Then I went across the street to CD Exchange and bought a used Belle & Sebastian album. All very cheap.

9-3 shoes 9-3 shoe

That’s about all the excitement from my little world. What are you up to as summer winds down?

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17 thoughts on “Vintage Fun

  1. Katie says:

    Dottie, you are a girl after my own heart. And the vintage love just puts it over the edge! I have sort of accidentally embarked on a vintage wearing while bike riding crusade. My bike riding is kind of All Vintage Dresses All The Time. People constantly ask me how I can get around like that, and I am all, quite easily! And let me tell you, it was a BIG day when I figured out the utility of a strategically placed clothes pin to keep full skirts from billowing right in to the back wheel of my mixte.

    Anyway, rock on.

  2. Trisha says:

    How, how HOW did you pass up those shoes?!? You are one disciplined lady. :-) Love the shorts!

  3. Michelle says:

    Super cute shoes and I love your outfit! I don’t think you’re dressed like a mom at all! :)

  4. ms. elle says:

    I must visit Haystack…Your shoe find is marvelous!

  5. Mamavee says:

    you look so different with bangs.I like- very rock star.

    • dottie says:

      Thanks :) I had bangs last year, pre-blog, but they grew out. The old cut was much more structured and corporate – I figured I could go a bit more rock ‘n’ roll this time.

  6. miss sarah says:

    Skort. Hahahaha! But it works here!

    Your bangs look hot. I recently got my hair cut too but I’ve yet to photograph it without the helmet on. Your new ‘do is so becoming!


  7. Ernie says:

    Great picture

  8. Great story and excellent bangs! I keep considering growing mine out, but then compulsively snip them again.

    I almost bought a romper at H&M the other day, but talked myself out of it : ) If you’re feeling old about the ’80s being “vintage”, just wait, because I think we’ve gone into the ’90s now. I see ladies now dressed like I used to dress in junior high – shorts over black leggings, combat boots, and a plaid shirt.

  9. Ghost Rider says:

    C’mon…that is SO hot. I wish I could be as stylish as y’all. Perhaps a skirt is in MY future? ;)

    Vintage (or vintage-look) clothing and vintagey cycles just go hand in hand so perfectly and timelessly. Awesome.

  10. lorenza says:

    Ahhhhhhh! Now I know where the shoes are from :D I found a lovely pair in a vintage shop for a crazily low price… true vintage (i.e. not costing an arm and a leg!!!) as I like it! ;)

  11. superbk says:

    Dottie, just wanted to tell you I love your blog, and I love vintage bikes! I’m currently in love with my 1969 Raleigh Superbe and am a full-on skirt wearing bike commuter in DC. I revel in wearing the most dressed up outfits possible while riding my bike, and the looks I get while doing so ;). Keep up the great posts and happy riding!

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