Together Again

This week I am in Nashville, vacationing at the Trisha Resort and Spa. Highly recommended, as it includes a pool, cats, bikes, alcohol and delicious home-cooked meals. Except for the ride from the airport on Tuesday, I’ve yet to get in a car. Here we are last night setting out for a Yazoo party in celebration of its new beer, Sue, a high-alc, cherry-wood smoked porter. Yumm.

To the beer party!

To the beer party! Special thanks to photographer C

I must say a bit about the hills. And the humidity. Ugh. Very articulate, I know, but that pretty much sums it up. Trisha is a Southern warrior, I tell you!

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10 thoughts on “Together Again

  1. Jennie says:

    Very lovely ladies! The humidity sucks!

  2. cupcakerator says:

    Humidity in Michigan has been awful as of late. I feel you on that one!

    It’s always fun to have a biking buddy.

  3. susancyclist says:

    Just come 35 miles east and I will show you some hills!!

  4. Cute! You ladies look great, humidity and all!

  5. 2whls3spds says:

    Humidity is a fact of life in the deep south, ride slowly, stay in the shade and dress comfortably. Oh and BTW sweating/perspiring is not a deadly sin ;-)


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