Nashville Cycle Chic

I’m excited to have a Friday cycle chic post this week. I caught a far-off glimpse of  the rider of the Electra Amsterdam in action on a drizzly day last week, looking professional in city shorts, a teal blouse and sleek updo.


Maybe one day I’ll be close enough to say hi instead of just taking pictures like a creepy stalker. (Frequent cycle chic posters, I’d love to know how you overcome this feeling while taking random pictures of someone to post on the internet . . .)

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10 thoughts on “Nashville Cycle Chic

  1. Last night my husband and I were riding home on the Pashleys through a busy shopping area, and a woman snapped some photos of us as we passed her. I don’t like being photographed without my permission, and especially the idea of those photos appearing on the internet. Having realised this some time ago, I stopped trying to photograph other cyclists without their knowledge, unless they are completely unrecognisable in the photo. But that is not to say that all cyclists feel this way. Many people would be flattered by the attention and happy to find themselves featured on a blog. The bottom line is, that you never know how any given cyclist might feel about your photographing them — will they be upset, or will it make their day? I decided to follow the “do onto others” principle: Since I don’t like it myself, I don’t do it to others.

  2. dottie says:

    I’m always shy about taking pictures of people. Usually, if I’m close enough that we can see each other, I ask to take a picture, explain that I have a bike blog and ask if I can post it. If it’s a quick snap of someone riding by, I figure the person is simply a part of the city scenery. I hate to think that someone would be bothered by it, but Lovely Bicycle makes a good point.

  3. Cosmo says:

    I was nervous about it in the beginning but LA is so full of paparazzi and tourists there are cameras everywhere. I do ask permission if the person is stopping or not on their bike, but for most people I don’t. I do try to mostly post photos of pepole that are either wearing sunglasses, far away, have their head turned, or are blurry. If someone found their photo on my blog and didn’t like it, I’d take it down with no hard feelings.

    • Trisha says:

      Yes, as LB! says I’m not crazy about the idea of someone taking my picture at random, either and I think that’s why I feel weird about it…but I also agree that most people wouldn’t mind. As Cosmo points out though, the culture of celebrity makes that seem more normal and encourages people to feel good about achieving any measure of “fame,” even if it’s on a blog. ;-) And as Dottie says, I do feel non-close-ups of people riding by are kind of “scenery” shots and not especially objectionable to most.

  4. Because of the dutch bike and having 3 kids in tow, I get people taking pictures of me all the time. Every time you cross a toll plaza, your picture is taken. Every time you use an ATM, buy a Slurpee, enter a mall, ride a bus…. your picture is taken. Go to a party- someone has taken your picture and put it on Facebook. So now, I don’t worry about it. I won’t put my camera in someone’s face without some interaction first, but otherwise, I don’t worry about it. I am not using the pictures to anyone’s disadvantage or in an unflattering light and between always shooting with a big smile and having lots of business cards, it has never been an issue.

    • Trisha says:

      Yes, things like fbook have made it easier for me to push aside my concerns about taking pictures of people on the street, but it’s still in the back of my mind. I think I am just old-fashioned about it — I certainly enjoy looking the shots you and Meli capture! Good points about being positive, etc.; I think that does make a difference. I’d be a lot more upset to know that someone had taken my pic at random to be derogatory.

  5. Cyclin Missy says:

    For the Pashley lover…I just saw this over at EcoVelo:

    His Pashley is for sale. Looks beatiful!

  6. Sigrid says:

    Adrienne makes some good points, is anything really private anymore? We have a restored car and people are taking our pictures all of the time. We just had a discussion if that was weird and where these pictures were ending up. In the end we decided that these people just love good design, and you can’t blame them. Same with bicycle bloggers. I have not worked myself up to actually going up and talking to someone and taking their picture – but I do go up and tell people I love their bicycle style sometimes. If I went as far as wanting to do an artistic project like Alec Soth I can see having a pretty cool bicycle blog and getting to know some really cool people. I do take pictures of people without asking and figure that is my right, if I feel they are going to outright see me doing it and I feel that is awkward, I don’t snap the shot. I’ve given up many cool pictures out of respect for other people. I go with my gut.

  7. RidingPretty says:

    Trisha…well I’m late to the party but would like to add my 2cents at any rate. I absolutely love Sigrid’s comment and concur. I especially love the photographer Sigrid recommended. Amen!

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