Oma Loves Her Neighborhood

Today Oma got out of the house for a fresh air tour of the neighborhood. I went along for the ride and picked up a fab vintage dress ($15!), cupcakes and beer. This is her travelogue.

Oma loves da Cubs

Oma loves da Cubs

Oma loves thrifting at Haystack

Oma loves thrifting at Haystack

Oma love Unabridged Books

Oma loves Unabridged Books

Oma loves gay pride in Boystown

Oma loves gay pride in Boystown

Oma loves Sensational Bites Bakery

Oma loves Sensational Bites Bakery

Oma loves cupcakes

Oma loves cupcakes

Oma loves wine shops

Oma loves Armanetti Beverage Mart

Oma loves Goose Island Summertime beer

Oma loves Goose Island Summertime beer

Oma is a true Chicagoan.

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30 thoughts on “Oma Loves Her Neighborhood

  1. MamaVee says:

    I love Oma.

    BTW- tell me bout your basket?… :-)

    • dottie says:

      Thanks :) It’s a Hershberger’s Baker Basket. I bought it from Velo Orange but I don’t think they have any more. An Amish family makes them. A guy came up to me today, said he liked my basket and asked if I was the Wicked Witch of the West and had Toto in there.

      • dukiebiddle says:

        ?! Not two hours ago, I went to the grocery store with my basketed bike and I too was compared to Miss Gulch from the Wizard of Oz. I’m not sure which one of us should be more offended, as I’m a dude… and my basket is wire, not wicker.

        • dukiebiddle says:

          ugh, so rude!

            • Mamavee says:

              this whole this is hilarious. *I* get compared to the wizardof Oz too b/c of my Sorte???? I think it’s the main Pop culture image ppl have of ppl on bikes in reg clothing. I’ve joked of putting a speaker on my bike with the sound track blaring.

            • sara says:

              Hey– it turns out the Miss Gulch DOES have a wire front basket! I never noticed that before. The wicker one is just a picnic basket she has strapped to the back of her bike.

              And yes, the soundtrack thing would be simply brilliant– Maybe Halloween trick-or-treating with the kiddos.

            • Mamavee says:

              I found Miss Gulch’s theme as a ringtone!!!

  2. Sungsu says:

    Another successful shopping trip! I counted three other bikes in your photos. :-)

  3. Sigrid says:

    Looks like instead of being trapped at the office all day Oma is making up for lost time! I’m glad she took you along for the ride and bought you nice treats ~ I’m sure she knew you deserved them.

  4. miss sarah says:

    What’s with people and the wizard of oz? They often tell me Dougal is like Toto. Dougal looks nothing like Toto!

    • dottie says:

      I was resentful of that movie my whole childhood. Dumb kids at school would tease me by saying, “Hey, Dorothy, where’s Toto?” In second grade I came up with the biting retort, “He looked at you and ran away.”

      Yesterday when the guy asked if I was the WWW, I just laughed and said, “Sometimes!” I could have said, “No, I’m Dorothy!” but he would not have gotten it :)

  5. meligrosa says:

    who needs boyfriends, when ur bike is always there ready to go when you are, and requires such little air-and grease love. oh dear bicycles, you are the love of my urban life he heee. okay maybe boys and/or girls are needed sometimes. ;D xoxo/m

  6. dukiebiddle says:

    Mamavee, Dottie, Miss Sarah, rest of the Miss Gulch crew… when I was a little kid I actually really disliked the movie, so when when the complete stranger (presumptious!) in front of the grocery store pointed at the bike as I was locking it up and said to two old ladies waiting for a cab and said “Hay ladies, what does that bike remind you of?,” and started singing this song, I didn’t even understand. I had to make him explain it to me as two old ladies sitting on the bench were cackling like the two wicked witches of Baltimore. Talk about humiliating.

    Oh well, I’ll admit, after seeing the photo and video, I think Miss Gulch has a lovely bike, and although her front basket is way too small compared to my Wald Giant 157, I think it’s pretty smart looking too. And also, check out this comic.

  7. Trisha says:

    Yes, beer tag?? ;-) Love the snaps with the handlebars in the foreground. Mmm, I think cupcakes are on my baking list this weekend. I have a new recipe I want to try.

  8. sara says:

    what a fun-looking day. and what good-looking cupcakes…

  9. Dean Peddle says:

    Oma loves cupcakes!!! That’s so funny. It is always funny for me to hear you talk about Oma cause my wife and kids actually have a real Oma since they are part Dutch. I always hear Oma this and Oma that at home then come here and see Oma eating cupcakes :)

  10. E A says:

    Love it! Now let’s get Oma to take you to a Sox game! ;-)

    BTW, great pic of Oma in Boystown.

    I’m glad to see Oma supports the local craft brew.

  11. yolaleah says:

    Yay! I love love love Unabridged Books too! They have a blog too:

    It rocks socks :)

  12. Cosmo says:

    Looks like an excellent Chicago day only it looks like Oma forgot to go for pizza. Or is it only tourists like me who eat pizza a minimum of once a day while in the city.

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