A Hypothetical Situation

While riding a bicycle through an unfamiliar college campus, on unmarked footpaths, crossing one’s fingers that the rain holds off and trying to avoid having haul a quite heavy bicycle up or down the flights of stairs that seem all too likely to pop up in the path from lunch back to work as the crow flies, one might, against the odds, be glad to see cars. And a parking lot. Especially when that parking lot leads to the street one was hoping to find.

The lot you're looking for

Parking lot leads to road, which means: street signs!

Perhaps getting honked at on 21st isn’t so bad after all. I mean, if such a thing were to happen to a person, she might think that an alternative route clogged with impatient drivers wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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5 thoughts on “A Hypothetical Situation

  1. The Harvard campus has lots of little courtyards with narrow paths, and my husband likes to take these as short cuts when we go places in our neighborhood. But they make me feel claustrophobic and I tend to lose my sense of direction, longing to be on a normal street again. So I know how you feel!

    I am also weary of parking lots, having learned that cars coming in and out of them seldom pay attention to bikes. I’ve had several “yikes” moments when riding my bike into a parking lot instead of walking it.

  2. John says:

    Hypothetically speaking, things could be worse. 8>)

  3. anna says:

    Oh, I know that problem. And it even happens to me on the busiest bike paths in the city as they don’t have enough road signs (and the normal ones can’t be seen from the bike paths). More than once I went too far or took a turn too early… My impression is that a lot of intuition is needed when one is cycling around. Luckily, my sense of orientation improves ;-).

  4. Dean Peddle says:

    You’re never lost on a bike….enjoy the extra riding :)

  5. Braxton says:

    What campus?

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