No Naked Cyclists in Alabama

On wine labels, that is.

08.01gladiatorlabelBecause Alabama has nothing more pressing to worry about than nekkid women. Especially nekkid French women. Won’t someone think of the children (who, I’ll point out, don’t buy wine)?

As NPR points out, “Fat Bastard” on a label is still A-OK.

(thanks to my bro and Dottie for a heads-up on this home state controversy.)

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17 thoughts on “No Naked Cyclists in Alabama

  1. Sox says:

    If you are old enough to buy wine, you are old enough to handle the sight of a nekkid woman.
    It makes me wonder what king of incriminating evidence the people who insisted on the ban had on the people who could make the ban happen?

  2. Gordon Inkeles says:

    Nudity is “filth,” unless we’re talking about, say, The Venus de Milo or the Greco-Roman statuary that fills the museums of the world–that’s “art,”

  3. Allison says:

    Perhaps because she’s in a different looking position than missionary? You know that is a law there too (or rather, against the law to have it any other way).

    Gotta love what the gov’t wastes their time on!

  4. I saw this on Copenhagen Cycle Chic a couple of days ago and thought it was hilarious. When I am working in Vienna, my colleagues have a hard time believing me when I talk about the cultural differences between the N. European and N. American attitudes to nudity (What? No co-ed saunas and no topless sunbathing in the parks? Certainly you joke, how can Boston have a problem with this!). Now I have evidence!

  5. John Penndino says:

    This is yet another reason I’m ashamed to admit I live in Alabama.

    Or, maybe Alabama is just being progressive. After all, she’s not wearing a helmet. What kind of message is this sending to our children? And her riding position doesn’t seem very safe.


  6. anna says:

    Oh, wow. I don’t understand that. I mean ok, you can see too many (half-)naked women on billboards etc. to advertise all kinds of useless stuff in Europe which is certainly not good. But that’s only a painting anyhow, and it doesn’t give away anything. And there’s a bicycle too!

  7. Cyclin Missy says:

    Gosh. I agree with Gordon Inkeles. I saw enough art in school and museums as a kid to be comfortable with a painting of a semi-nekkid woman on a wine label. I wouldn’t have looked at it twice.

  8. sara says:

    Just silly. But I am sure it is OK in Alabama to sell mags with women’s breasts falling out all over (that is unless a woman is nursing & then I suspect *that* would be problematic too)….

  9. Stuart M. says:

    Hey, I had a bottle of this Cycles Gladiator wine at a restaurant here in Hokkaido, Japan. When I was back in America for a vacation, I couldn’t find it anywhere. The wine was good and the label was pleasant to look at. Pornographic? No way!

  10. Suzanne says:

    You can get it from their website, but the shipping is expensive, of course. I just picked up a bottle at Costco today for about $8.

    I can’t help but think the people that wanted it banned are afraid that the woman looks like she’s having too much pleasure with her bike! They know they can’t measure up!

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