Chicago Cycle Chic: Tour de Fat

“Chicago Cycle Chic” will be a new series here at Let’s Go Ride a Bike. I’ll simply post pretty pictures of other Chicago cyclists every now and then, like Copenhagen Cycle Chic, American-style. The great thing about the Chicago cycling scene is that it’s so diverse – different people, different styles, and different bikes. My definition of chic is people being themselves effortlessly. Christa from Bike by the Sea suggested the idea of a weekly series – I’ll aim for weekly. This first installment was easy, as most of the pictures are from or around New Belgium Brewing Company’s Tour de Fat (more on that soon!). I’m working on my photography skillz, especially moving objects, so bear with me.  Enjoy!

7-11 guy

7-11 ccc tanden

7-11 ccc blur

7-11 ccc green

7-11 ccc three

7-11 ccc two

7-11 blue

7-11 boots

7-11 brown

7-11 purple

7-11 red

7-11 yellow

7-11 ccc pink

7-11 ccc white

7-11 ccc cream bike

7-11 ccc xtra

I’ll try to get more men in the future, but they gotta step it up!

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9 thoughts on “Chicago Cycle Chic: Tour de Fat

  1. Sarah says:

    Lovely! It makes me happy to see so many people being themselves on bikes :)

  2. Christa says:

    Wahoo! Chicago Cycle Chic! Glad I could inspire you. :)

    Nice shots so far. Looking forward to weekly shots.

    Love the photo of the woman in a plain dress with blue bike. Lots of fixies. Heard that Urban Outfitters just started selling them in their stores.

  3. Christa says:

    plain = plaid*

  4. David says:

    hey hey, now! i’m a dude and was PROUD to be in attendance with my Alice. what a marvelous day for Tour de Fat. thanks for the pictures!

  5. Trisha says:

    Looks like fun times!

  6. dottie says:

    My personal favorite is the second one with the yellow tandem: his Hawaiian shirt flapping in the breeze and her wings!

  7. scott says:

    This looked fun. I saw the parade of bikes coming down California as I was heading out of town for a backpacking trip. A very smug man on a bike was sternly shaking his head at us for driving on California instead of giving the whole street over to the bikes. He had no idea that I ride a bike almost everywhere all year. Ha!

  8. Patrick in Chicago says:

    It was a ton o’ fun last year unfortunately we couldn’t make it this year but I hear it was great! Great pics!

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