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Picture 3The latest issue of Momentum arrived at my house earlier this week, and I finally had a chance to page through it last night. As one of the few mags out there on utilitarian cycling, there are always interesting things to read, but this issue brought the extra pleasure of features on two of our favorite fellow cycling bloggers! First came the Hanadas in an article on DIY bike crafts that provided a lot of inspiration. We’ll see if it provides anything else—I’m big on finding projects I’d like to do and never finding the time to actually do them!

Picture 4
I hadn’t gotten over the thrill of thinking, I know them! when I turned a page to see Miss Sarah of Girls & Bicycles, looking stylish as always in an article on biking while pregnant. The entire topic was new to me when she first started posting about her experiences on her blog, so it’s wonderful that she and the other women interviewed in the article were able to further spread the news that pregnancy and cycling can mix.

Momentum is  available for free in local bike stores in many US and Canadian cities—check out their list to see if yours is included. If not, you might have to spring for a subscription like me, but supporting such a venture is well worth the $20. But if you’re overseas or on a tight budget and don’t mind reading on the computer, a PDF of each issue can be found on their website, too.

What cycling magazines do you like to read?

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12 thoughts on “Famous Friends

  1. Tinker says:

    I just found that magazine, yesterday afternoon. I got as much out of your review as I did from the PDF file, online. They need to get a better reader for it…
    Maybe explain how to use it (which implies that the method of use is NOT intuitive).

    A help file would have been nice, as would the ability to view a page at a time. (I “only” have a 1280×1024 monitor, and I could not read it, but I AM 56 years old.)

    Or just let us read it in “Native mode”, so you can select the view size yourself.

    • Trisha says:

      I hear you, Tinker — but since I work for a print pub that’s trying to manage the web transition also, I sympathize. My latest version of Adobe worked OK for reading it but I didn’t try too hard since I have the print copy. I should test it on the office Kindle and see how that works.

  2. What an inspirational site! I love riding bikes and have a 20 year old raspberry colored Schwinn that I need to get back on. Thanks for the prompting. :)

  3. melissa miller says:

    thank you for sharing. this is a perfect addition to our conversations regarding women and biking. so many people assume that women can’t do things while pregnant. as the article mentioned pregnant women need to be aware of the changes in their body and balance and how it may impact the things we do other than that there is no compelling reason not to do those things in our lifestyle that can benefit us physically. i know of many runners who continued to run into their 3rd trimester and i know of women who skied while pregnant. I think the only potential problem could be women who choose new things to do while they are pregnant. if their bodies were not preconditioned to the activity it might potentially create more stress and possibly injury on their bodies. i also have to say i loved the article interviewed a midwife.

  4. Awesome! Miss Sarah makes cycling while pregnant look so effortless, it’s really quite impressive! “Yesterday I cycled to the delivery room in these beautiful high heeled shoes to give birth to my son… after the delivery, I changed into an evening dress and we attended a cocktail party…” Amazing stuff on her blog : ) I do not subscribe to any cycling magazines, but I’ll check it out!

  5. Shelly says:

    Thanks for bringing to attention Miss Sarah’s page in the magazine. I might have missed this inspiring piece by Miss Sarah altogether otherwise!

  6. Leslie says:

    I’m a new rider/commuter and I didn’t know about that magazine. Thanks so much for mentioning. They should give you a commission on all the new subscribers (like me!)

    Love your blog too.

  7. Mamavee says:

    Love me some Miss Sarah.

  8. dottie says:

    So fun to see them in there. I love Momentum and also the new Bicycle Times.

  9. Christa says:

    It’s so frustrating to see only the Lyra cyclist magazines in stores. (And why is it that they’re soaked with car adverts and not one normal bike advert?) It seems to give the wrong impression of cycling – that it is only for intense, fit people. I would love to see normal cycling magazines like Momentum on the shelves!

    • Trisha says:

      Me too! This is one of the few mags where I actually want to read the ads, because the practical bike products featured are ones I don’t see/hear about anywhere else.

  10. miss sarah says:

    Hey… people are talking about me! I’m feeling so totally flattered after reading this post and these comments, what a great way to start a Sunday! Thanks for the shout out on the momentum mag thing, I totally neglected to post about it myself! Perhaps I will have another baby soon so I can continue to complain about how some people are really annoying with all their dumb ideas about how a lady is limited while pregnant, and shock people with my “reckless” behaviour on a bike.

    Refuse to live in fear,

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