Beautiful Bicycles: Abici Granturismo Donna

Though we’d altered Oma, she still wasn’t a perfect fit for long rides with lots of stops and starts–so for the cocktail ride, the nice folks at Copenhagen Cyclery in Wicker Park agreed to give me a loaner. The shop’s manager, Phil, and owner, Brent (who was on the Cocktail Ride with us looking quite dapper) set me up with the elegant red Abici Granturismo Donna.

Abici Granturismo Donna

Abici Granturismo Donna

This sexy red single-speed with a rear coaster brake and a front handbrake was easily the most attention-getting bike I’d ever ridden, so it was lucky I had a few of Copenhagen Cyclery’s cards to give out to curious passers-by.

Me and the Abici pedaling for cocktails with the owner of Copenhagen Cyclery, who's on a Velorbis.

Me and the Abici pedaling for cocktails with the owner of Copenhagen Cyclery, who's on a Velorbis.

This bike was an effortless, fun ride. The single-speed was set up just right for Chicago. The biggest “hill” I took it on was on Damen street, on the bridge crossing the Chicago River, and I had no trouble keeping up with Dottie and Oma. At first I avoided using the coaster brakes in favor of the hand brake, but as I grew more accustomed to the setup, I came to really like it. I got better at using just the coasters and still having the pedals in the correct position for starting up again, but most of the time I would use the coasters to slow my speed and the hand brake for the final stop.

View from the seat.

View from the seat.

Despite being different colors and sizes, the Abici and Oma became fast friends.

Despite being different colors and sizes, the Abici and Oma became fast friends.

Two beauties in red.

Two beauties in red.

The Abici comes with a Brooks saddle, fully enclosed chain case and comfortable grips in a vintage-chic style marbled plastic. Copenhagen had it in two colors — this eye-catching red and a sleek, flat black — but Abici’s site lists several others, and Copenhagen can order any of them.

Brooks saddle.

Brooks saddle.

The only place on the bike with an Abici logo.

The only place on the bike with an Abici logo.

It was not without a pang that I gave up this beautiful bike. Luckily for my wallet, there’s no multiple-speed version, which means the Abici would be decidedly impractical for my hometown. But Chicagoans looking for a well-designed bike with a high-style factor should give the Abici Granturismo a try. Just make sure you’re ready to buy, because you won’t want to take your feet off the pedals.

Bringing the Abici back home

Bringing the Abici back home

More pics from the interior of Copenhagen Cyclery:

Abici Amante, cycloc rack.

Abici Amante, cycloc rack.

Bern helmets and Basil baskets and bags -- the white messenger bag in the back will soon be bedecking the Batavus.

Bern helmets and Basil baskets.

Front display window with a Velorbis cargo bike.

Front display window with a Velorbis cargo bike.

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20 thoughts on “Beautiful Bicycles: Abici Granturismo Donna

  1. Carolyn says:

    Oh I love the bike! I like red bikes you know. ;) Wish there was a place in Vancouver or even when I go to New York in a few weeks, where I could rent one like that.

    I think I am glad I have limited storage space…don’t have room for many bikes. I could see myself having a multitude of them also.

  2. Cosmo says:

    I love that bike. So beautiful. I was disappointed when I emailed a company about them and the response suggested that they aren’t the best for everyday commuting particularly for me and my hilly area.

    • Trisha says:

      I know, I felt the same! But it was probably better for my wallet. And as Carolyn says, sometimes limited storage is a blessing. :)

  3. sara says:

    I’ve always had a thing about red shoes. Look like I have a thing for red bikes too… The store looks beautiful.

  4. Mamavee says:

    beautiful. I also am glad it won’t work for me and my hilly area! golly it’s nice though.

    I love the racks in the store. Hmmm I might have to look into them see if I can get a few for the garage. sadly not for the Xtra or Sorte, but maybe someday when I get an ANT!!

  5. I am intensely attracted to this bicycle, especially in the mil-spec-green colour shown here. Mmmmm! Lucky that you got to ride it for a day, and good to hear that you enjoyed it. How is the angle of the seating tube compared to Dottie’s Oma? Is it just as relaxed, or a bit steeper? How upright is the position you are sitting in compared to the Azor and the Batavus, etc?

    The interior of Copenhagen Cyclery looks fabulous! Thank goodness I do not live in Chicago, or I would be annoying them with daily pining visits!

    • Trisha says:

      Hm. Well, it was a bit less relaxed than the Oma, and a bit more relaxed than the Bat. All three are pretty upright, though!

  6. Charlie says:

    I foresee you becoming like Dad, except with bikes. Haha!

  7. This is a great looking bike ultra clean lines. I am a sucker for little no graphics. The red really pops. If you totally LOVED the bike you could have an internal three, seven or nine speed built up. It’s a thought. I have yet to set foot into a dutch bike store. From what I have seen they are neat uncluttered places. Allot different than shops that I am familiar with. Thanks.

  8. It is dazzling, i like it, a very cute lady would fit well on this bike under any circumstances.

  9. sewingandcycling says:

    This is such a wonderful bike, I wonder if red bikes go faster too?

    I’ve only just discovered your blog and every day I flick through new post’s and want a wonderful bike like this more and more.

    It’s so exciting to discover cycling can be elegant and stylish! Now i just wish we had a shop like the one picture above near where I live, sadly we just have lyrca filled spandex loving shops.

  10. Trisha says:

    Thanks, that’s a real compliment! I hope you’ll find a bike that suits you in your hometown . . . if not, a trip to Chicago/NYC/Seattle, whichever is closer, might be worthwhile. In those places you can try out just about any type of bicycle.

    p.s. Learning to sew is my next project.

    p.p.s. red bikes probably just get more tickets. ;-)

  11. Marco says:

    I just bought an Abici in Vancouver at GigiB on Granville island. Carolyn, They had a red one at the time. I love the ride, and can handle the hills np problem. best ride on two wheels.

  12. Joy B. says:

    I’ve researched these bikes I found them with free shipping!
    I’m in love with the purple one! One day…

  13. Margeli says:

    How did you attach the bag (the pink patchwork ones, show in the “two beuties in red photo”) in the bike? I see this in other photo, it like attach only one side of the bicycle. How its is attach only side?

    • Trisha says:

      Hi Margeli,

      It is a Basil shopper. Dottie bought it at Copenhagen Cyclery in Chicago. It has clips on the back that fasten on to the rear rack. There are many bags like it. Hope that helps!

  14. marge says:

    Thanks Trisha

    I go to site Copenhagen Cyclery and see with the products soon they will go to sale online.
    I wait that it is soon. I remodelled my bicycle that is very similar to the model of the Abici Donna, that only is gained it in 1983 with 5 years, was enormous for me. I had varies other bicycles but always it came back to use this because it was more comfortable to use. I thought because not to leave it well pretty. Again I am gotten passionate by it, she is pretty, it seems that it left the store.
    It is a Monark Ipanema in homage the Vinicius de Moraes and the girl of Ipanema. E now with accessories cuti cuti seems that it left the capsule of the time.

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