Chicago’s Bike Share Program

There wasn’t enough time for me to scare up a bike between my arrival in Chicago and the start of the Active Trans mixer. I thought I was OK taking the El, until I met the gorgeous Betty Foy and bike withdrawal hit hard.

two women, one bike

one bike, two women

Apparently Dottie’s support of a bike-share program only goes so far! Can’t say I blame her.

Stay tuned for more Chicago adventures!

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15 thoughts on “Chicago’s Bike Share Program

  1. Melissa Miller says:

    Hi Dottie,
    I am in the market for a bike. I live in Seattle and have test road and love the OMA. I love the OMA. I am still doing research and find I also have my eye on your Betty Foy. I am a stay at home mom and will be using the bike to transport my son, do errands, grocery shopping and just having fun. Can you let me know the pro’s and con’s between your Betty Foy and OMA? Is the pricing on both bikes similar? Did you get a chain guard for your Betty Foy? Thanks for taking the time.

    Great blog!!!

  2. What a cool photo! The skirts and pearls make the shot.

    Trisha, the situation is clear as day to me: Since you visit Chicago so often, you need to get a “Chicago bike” — you know, one that you will live in Dottie’s basement and will designated for your use when you visit.

    • Juan says:

      Well i am getting ready for mas last adventure & mission. 6 continents on pure Iron bicycle ! & at anytime in 2011. I am here in Nashville, Tn since 1980. In 84 i went across Canada, Mexico, & cross the entire USA on my bicycle. Now i am ready for the ultimate frontier.. The entire world ! . Will be nice if someone help me in building a Website in three different languages. English, Spanish, French, may be Arabic. Any ideas, ?

  3. Erich says:

    Didn’t Trisha have a Dahon? I figured you could bring that around with ya.

  4. Don’t let a great bike ruin a friendship. Solution: Buy another one! ;D

  5. anna says:

    Yeah, I can fully understand that. I was always kind of worried when my brother wanted to ride my mountain bike, cause I knew he would take it when I’m not around and absolutely wreck it. But I’m sure Trisha would treat Betty much better :-).

  6. sara says:

    Where’s Oma when you need her?

  7. academichic says:

    great picture! And I agree, the skirts and pearls really makes the shot! :)

  8. Trisha says:

    Ah, Oma. That’s a story for the next post! And just to clear things up, there’s no way I could fit on Betty.

  9. I don’t lend the Bat out to anyone. The Batcyclegentleman is MY bike. Anyone that can fit them is welcome to my other bikes, but the Bat is a monogamous machine : )

  10. Mamavee says:

    awesome picture!!!

  11. Zweiradler says:

    You’re too funny! Great photo. :)


  12. Major Taylor says:

    That picture is GREAT YALL! Spontaneous…no?

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