Here’s Oma!

It’s been mentioned that I am neglecting Oma. I don’t think I’m neglecting her in real life, although I usually ride Betty for my commute, but I’ll try to post about her more often. She’s still my favorite bike in the whole wide world and every time I get on her after a brief hiatus, I’m amazed at how totally plush she is.

Oma Outfit

You can tell I'm posing because the kickstand's down

Today I rode Oma to work, taking the city streets instead of the lake path in the morning, and also wore my work clothes – drivers are definitely nicer when I’m dressed like this. Usually I don’t ride in work clothes, preferring to change when I get there, but this morning I was going straight to a panel discussion and did not have an opportunity to change. There’s really no reason not to wear work clothes when I’m riding Oma, since she’s made for that sort of thing and I sweat much less on her – although I am a sweat-er – but it’s easier for me to leave all my suits and shoes at work in an empty office that I took over (can you say walk-in closet?). My three-inch chunky heels presented no problem at all. My tweed skirt is a bit narrow, so when I take off from a stop I have to launch myself straight up, then straight back while fully lifted, and then straight down. A small price to pay for fashion.

Post Script: I want to highlight three newer blogs that I’m absolutely in love with. Readers here probably already know them and I read a huge amount of bike blogs, but I’m so taken with these lately that I must share.

Lovely Bicycle!
– as the name says, lovely bicycles, plus a lovely bicyclist to narrate!

Change Your Life – Ride A Bike! – of course, Meligrosa and Adrienne’s fabulous joint blog.

Bikes by the Sea – seriously, there’s a place constantly this gorgeous and I’m stuck living in Chicago?? plus another lovely cyclist to share the pretty pictures.

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22 thoughts on “Here’s Oma!

  1. Thanks for Bikes by the Sea. Cute!

  2. Christa says:

    Pretty! Hope it’s not a pencil skirt – I find those impossible to cycle in so I’ve changed by purchasing habits. I feel safer when I bike in a dress/skirt. It seems that cars notice more and slow down.

    How many bikes do you have?? I had 5 at one time. :)

    Thanks for the shout out, btw.

    • dottie says:

      Only 2 right now: Oma and Betty Foy. I recently gave my 70’s Bridgestone Kabuki to my friend and my first bike, a Jamis Commuter, was stolen.

  3. Trisha says:

    You look so elegant. Hi Oma!

  4. Are there any guys who name their bikes?

  5. Thank you for the highlight!

    The Oma looks splendid, absolutely regal! What braking system does it have — is there a coaster brake?

    Pedaling in a pencil skirt is no problem really — just hike it up all the way, like the Dutch and Danish do : )

    • dottie says:

      I love the brakes on Oma. They’re enclosed roller brakes in both the front and rear and they work no matter what the weather, rain, snow, ice.

      My skirt is not quite a pencil skirt and has a slit in the back that makes pedaling easier.

    • Christa says:

      They hike it up? Seems so restricting that you can’t even cycle.

  6. 2whls3spds says:

    So if you are posing for the picture does that make you a poseur? ;-)

    Thanks for the blog links, I had seen a couple of those, but not the third one.

    @Gordon…I do, but the names usually aren’t repeated in polite company.


  7. Tinker says:

    Whether posed or natural, still a nice shot.

    Nice bike.

    (Grandma Bev Stop NOW!)

    Nice outfit.

    Okay, see? She didn’t stop…

  8. Hi . These Dutch Bicycles are very Comfortable and all the Gearing is very Smooth.

    I have an Azor Kruisframe Pastoor Fiets/ Crossframe Preachers Bike from Work Cycles in Amsterdam and it is a Terrific Bike very Strong. It Glides along the Road mostly at 30 kp/h 19mp/h very Regally.

  9. Hi . These Dutch Bicycles are very Comfortable and all the Gearing is very Smooth.

    I have an Azor Kruisframe Pastoor Fiets/ Crossframe Preachers Bike from Work Cycles in Amsterdam and it is a Terrific Bike very Strong. It Glides along the Road mostly at 30 kp/h 19mp/h very Regally.

  10. grambev says:

    Nice photo!

  11. scott says:

    I’m totally converted to riding in my dress clothes on the oma rather than changing at work. I rode a faster bike and changed at work for over a year — now I think it’s kind of for the birds. It really comes in handy for going out after work, and is generally much more convenient. Definitely true that the drivers treat you differently when you are wearing a suit! You just have to slow down a bit to keep the undue perspiration in check. I only have 5 miles from Logan Sq to my office, so I can do that comfortably in 30 minutes. My straw hat has also been helping to keep it cool on these hot days.

    • dottie says:

      Scott – this is a crazy coincidence, but I’m pretty sure I have three pictures of you riding your oma in a straw hat that I took from the bus a couple of weeks ago! I’ll email them to you. :)

    • Dean Peddle says:

      Scott….Dottie….I’m with you. I’ve also started recently commuting with my regular clothes after years in the lycra. I’m just about ready to toss all my lycra in the garbarge as I feel the same as you “It’s for the birds”!!!

  12. OK, so when will you be writing us a little story of your travels? There are adventures to be shared about pencil skirts and men in straw hats!

  13. Scott says:

    Hey! That is me! I’ve never seen a picture of myself on a bike before. That was a Saturday? I think I was finally headed home (Humboldt Park) when you took these shots, and had a pannier full of food from the whole foods on ashland by the look of it. Thanks!

  14. Dean Peddle says:

    Ahh…finally!!!! I hope I didn’t force you into this post ;) It’s good to see Oma again. Not that I dislike Betty but I think I may be one of the few on this site that prefers your Oma.

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