Copenhagen Cyclery – New in Chicago!

When I began searching for a Dutch-style bicycle last summer, no shop in Chicago sold them. I used a vacation in Vancouver and Seattle for test rides and then in the fall bought my Azor on the day that Dutch Bike Chicago opened. Since then, buying lovely bikes in Chicago has become considerably easier: Dutch Bike Chicago (Azor, Retrovelo), Boulevard Bikes (Pashley, Batavus), and Tati Cycles (Batavus) are the go-to shops, especially my beloved Dutch Bike Chicago.

Copenhagen Cyclery

Copenhagen Cyclery

Now Copenhagen Cyclery joins the group. Chicago’s newest bike shop opened this weekend in Wicker Park and, of course, I had to stop by to check it out.

The space is modern, welcoming, and airy, with a large window that opens onto the sidewalk to lure (successfully) passersby inside. The main attraction in the middle of the room is the Velorbis line – Churchill Classic, Scrap Deluxe, and Dannebrog. I chose the fiery red Dannebrog for a test ride.

Velorbis Dannebrog Test Ride

Velorbis Dannebrog Test Ride

The Velorbis Dannebrog is very similar to my Azor Oma. The main difference is that my Azor is beefier. Someone looking for this style bike should try to ride both and decide which one feels better for them. I prefer the super Cadillac feeling of Azor’s wider tires, heavier tubing, full chain case, and extremely swept back bars. This fire engine red bike with Brooks leather accents sure is a beauty, though!!

5-23 velorbis light5-23 abici greg5-23 velorbis back

Greg rode the Abici Grandturismo Uoma, an Italian lugged steel beauty with a single speed, back coaster brake, and front hand brake.



He enjoyed the upright ride, although it’s not the bike for him. Someone looking for a gorgeous simple bike should give this a try. The shop can order any bike from the maker’s catalog, which has plenty of geared versions.

There were a couple of cool looking cargo bikes; a change from the bakfiets that I’m used to seeing. I’m not sure the make and model of the one in the picture, but one inside was the Larry v. Harry Bullitt. I heard mention of a trike, but did not see it displayed. Single speed Batavus Old Dutches were hanging out by the wall in a medley of colors.

Cargo Bike

Cargo Bike

The Cyclery also carries some fabulous accessories, notably Bern helmets and Basil bags. I’ve been admiring Basil bags from afar for a while and finally gave in to my pretty bag desire.

Basil Bag for Oma

Basil Bag for Oma

Oma was pleased, especially after standing outside watching me admire other bikes, like “what the eff’s going on here?” The color and pattern is so interesting and colorful – just what Oma needs to brighten up her black for the summer. There are two hooks that simply snap onto my rack and a fold of fabric covers them while off the bike, so no one would ever know it’s a bike bag.

So to recap: new shop, Copenhagen Cyclery, beautiful bikes, go visit!

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12 thoughts on “Copenhagen Cyclery – New in Chicago!

  1. Wow! One more reason to visit Chicago.

  2. academichic says:

    That red bike is wonderful! You look so chic riding it! And I love the new bag on Oma, she does look very summery now. S.

  3. Trisha says:

    Ooh, we have to go there next time I visit so I can finally indulge my Basil bag lust. That sassy red bike looks like a fun ride.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Nice! Yeh, Vancouver has a good shop with Holland bikes. I just found out that my Sis-in-law owns an Oma, and I didn’t know that! So cool. She even bought some bags for it when she went to Holland a few years back.

  5. sara says:

    Oma looks all dressed up & springy with her new floral bag! Ohhh, love the red of that Dannebrog.

  6. MamaVee says:

    I saw their site a few weeks ago when I was looking at the velobris kid cargo trike ( b/c you know- I need one clearly. ) and looking at US dealers and it linked to them. So you know when/if you expand the fam, you could get a cargo trike from them. IN brilliant orange no less!

    you look great on that red bike too.

  7. Scott says:

    Nice! I’ve been using a Basil bag for work for a few months. I like it even though it is a bit of a man-purse. The clips broke on my first ride — I sent it back for a new one and it has been solid since.

    I saw Brent outside the Copenhagen shop a couple weeks ago with a cargo bike, and chatted with him about the store and their products. Can’t wait to check it out!

  8. Tara B says:

    hi Dottie,
    Love that these super cool Dutch-style bikes are finally invading the Mid-west! I’ve been checking out your blog and wanted to touch base about a really cool women’s crusier/commuter bike accessory I’ve created & sell from Colorado called, “Betty Basket Liners”. Betty Basket Liners are fashionable but very functional bike basket liners that double has a sturdy ladies handbag or purse for those bikes-shopping trips on the go. Lots of pockets, key chain clip, etc, and custom options available. Thought mentioning Betty might be a good fit with the vibe of your blog. Copenhagen Cyclery recently contacted my about carrying Betty liners so any help you can offer getting the word out would be much appreciated. Please e-mail me if I can give any other info or help on my end…much thanks! Warm regards,

  9. Sox says:

    As far as I am concerned, the more people that ride Dutch bikes the better. They seem so much more civilized. :D
    I think my Batavus is marvelous.

  10. Kampy says:

    Great interview with Brent Norsman, founder of Copenhagen Cyclery at Bespoke magazine.

  11. rickey rash says:

    a batavus moped posted on e-bay today in the seattle area for $100,not running but appears in excellent condition otherwise. a batavus trike for $650
    in good running condition with spare parts is also listed in the seattle-tacoma area.

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