Missing Bike in Birmingham

A quick post to spread some sad news (and hopefully, catch a bike thief): Elisa of Bike Skirt lost her LeMond, Mick Jagger, last night. He was taken right out of her backyard.

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger

If anyone in the Birmingham area sees Mick, get in touch with Elisa (and jab a stick in the spokes while you’re calling). Check Bike Skirt for more info. Dottie and I have both experienced bike theft and hope Elisa’s story has a happier ending than either of ours.

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4 thoughts on “Missing Bike in Birmingham

  1. dottie says:

    Oh, no! Poor Elisa and Mick Jagger. That sucks.

  2. jj says:

    oh no!!!!! how awful!!!! i live in fear of that happening. :( i hope he turns up.

  3. Elisa M says:

    Thanks so much! I am hopeful he will turn up. bike thieves suck…it is like they stole a little part of my body…

  4. Words can’t describe how much that has to hurt. It’s like losing a good friend(who gives you rides to work, even). I hope the thief has massive attack of guilt and returns it immediately.

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