Special Delivery

Today a special creature entered my life: the late 70’s Bridgestone Kabuki that iciclebicycle found in the trash.

The suspense

The suspense

That I have a new (old) bike is still sinking in, since it happened so fast.



I got home too late to play around with the bike much and haven’t gone for a ride yet. Just been admiring the vibrant blue color and shiny handlebars.


Resurrected (thanks G-man!)

After ordering a basket and rack online and a quick trip to Roscoe Village Bikes for lights and a u-lock, I’ve officially spent as much on accessories as I did on the bike itself. And I still need a bell! :)

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12 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. jhaygood says:

    Sweet! What a nice find!

  2. Nico says:

    Very nice! I have never received a bike by mail. :)
    The colour looks great. Enjoy the ride!

  3. Sigrid says:

    I feel the warmth of the Midwest love…☺

  4. antbikemike says:

    I love this bike! I just saw a red mens version a few days ago. Great find:)

  5. Charlotte says:

    Great bike! You must be so pleased.
    What is the orange bit on the chainring?

  6. It is a styling bike. I looked at a Kabuki at Re-Cycle, last night and was tempted to buy it. I don’t know if I want a bike with drop down bars and it didn’t have the Kabuki on the back of the seat. I hope your basket doesn’t cover up the head badge, too much. It’s a great badge, worth showing off.

    The orange on the chain ring is a reflector.

  7. grambev says:

    Hi Dottie ! You’re turning into the Jay Leno of bicycledom.

  8. Carolyn says:

    Oh, sweet bike. You are so lucky. I am jealous!

  9. dottie says:

    Thanks, everyone! I rode her a bit tonight and the ride is surprisingly super smooth and fast. The front brake is making a loud howling noise, so I’ll have to figure that out, but everything else is great.

  10. Dadabean says:

    Hey, if you shop there, Mal Wart has begun carrying those all-metal continuous ringer bells for a good price. Just got one today for less than $6.00.

  11. Brooke says:

    Omg, I almost bought this same bike!

  12. She’s a beauty. I am so jealous, I want a second, lighter, bike for those days when I don’t feel like riding a 50lb bike.

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