Another Reason to Ride

The only $0 on my spreadsheet

The only $0 in my budget last month

This month, for the first time, I spent $0 on gas. The proof is at right.  Though I’ve seen my fuel bill go down since I started riding my bike, especially during the summer when prices were so high, this is the first time I’ve spent nothing on it all month. According to my budgeting buddy, my average fuel spending over the past four months is $86, but some months I’ll spend as little as $24 — it just depends how much I ride my bike and whether I visit my parents in Alabama.

Of course, I did use fuel this month, but I’ve still got an eighth of the tank I bought on January 20 in the Mustang. This just goes to prove that even if you have a short commute like mine, you can still see some significant savings by riding your bike.

Just don’t ask me how much I’ve spent on bikes this year, and we can still be friends.

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13 thoughts on “Another Reason to Ride

  1. Tinker says:

    Snerk. So you moved gas money into the bicycle purchasing budget? Or should we pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?

  2. 2whls3spds says:

    Looks like HooDoo economics to me ;>)

    FWIW I would keep the tank on the car full to avoid condensation build up, plus when you fill the beast it will skew your budget for that month.


  3. dottie says:

    Is that $11 for pets? I’m sure Wills appreciates it :)

  4. Jennie says:

    Now that your gas budget is gone – we need to work on your shopping and ‘entertainment/drinks’ budget! ha! Kidding. I would hate to see what my actual dollar intake on music/beverages looks like!!

  5. I’m so proud of you! This shows that it can be done. The extra money of course goes to oh so important cycling related things like bells, lights, and core body warming fluids (aka adult beverages). Keep up the great work!

  6. Yeah, but a bicycle (and most related products) will be with you for years and years…a tank of gas will not.

  7. Jon says:

    I have to agree with the Jolly Crank, on that. I only bought 5 tanks of gas (about 80 gallons, total) last year. They are all gone now (well, still with us in the form of pollution and exces heat, I suppose), but I still have all of my bikes and bike clothes.

  8. Trisha says:

    You all are definitely right about the bikes — I’m hoping these two will tide me over for a while!

    Aaron, hoodoo economics is the only kind I practice.

    Jen, I obscured the exact figures on those categories for a reason, though I’m working on that too!! A girl’s gotta live.

    Dot, Wills actually did not enjoy what I bought with the $11. Apparently he has something against Paul Newman’s cat food formula. Need some kibble for the terrible three?

    Lapier, the “warming fluids” portion of my budget is non-negotiable. ;)

  9. Carolyn says:

    Congrats! I don’t have a car, so I don’t spend money on gas. Sometimes, in the winter I take the bus, then I pay for transportation.

    Although in the summer, I do carpool with the local hiking club to do hikes in the mountains, so I suppose I do spend some on it, or is it entertainment? :) LOL!!

  10. miss sarah says:

    Ah, but the money spent on bikes is STILL cheaper than all the $ that goes into the acquisition of cars and associated maintenance:) Plus, the fuel that goes into riding a bike is your own life sauce, and it keeps you fit. Win win win!

  11. Trisha says:

    Good point Miss Sarah! I am saving by not getting a gym membership (though I probably should go back to yoga to stretch out those thigh muscles). And Carolyn, carpool $$ is definitely part of the entertainment budget — you’re good. ;)

  12. Karen says:

    I also moved gas money to a bike purchase. Because I was biking to and from work I was able to cancel my gym membership, which saved an additional $50 per month. In addition to the monetary savings riding to and from work prooved to be very therapeutic in terms of dealing with stress.

  13. […] her purchase of the be-yew-tiful Betty Foy. I discovered one more reason to wear a helmet and spent $0 on gas — the first and last time such a thing […]

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