A Multi-Modal Weekend

I say that I cycle everywhere, which is basically true. However, there are some places too close or too far to access via bicycle. This weekend presented a mix of destinations and led to a mix of transportation modes.

Bikey Bike

Bikey Bike

Bike. Friday night we rode our bikes for dinner at Atwood Cafe and an amazing O’Neill play, Desire Under the Elms, at Goodman Theatre. Pretty sure we were the only ones there carrying around bike helmets, but I care not.

Zip Car

Zip Car

Car Share. Saturday was my first experience with car sharing. We took ZipCar to the my best friend Melissa’s house in the suburbs for a Luau party. (M’s running blog here) Zip Car is a car rental paid by the hour. This car was 9 dollars an hour, including insurance and gas. Split among three people, the trip was cheaper than taking the el train to the metra train and 3x faster. The process was quick and easy: the car was reserved online, parked a block away, and opened with a key card.

Will Walk for Donuts

Will Walk for Donuts

Walking. Sunday morning is a good time for donuts. The best bakery in Chicago is in my neighborhood, too close for a bike ride, so I threw a parka and boots over my pajamas and set out on foot. There’s heavy snow today and I will brave any weather for fresh-baked goodies, but I was missing Trisha, who went out last weekend and made the trip before I even woke up.

Luau! Adriana, Melissa, Dottie

Luau! Adriana, Melissa, Dottie

If more people considered their options beyond personal car ownership, they’d have a lot more fun and would be less likely to mow me down while riding my bike. Wouldn’t that be nice? :)

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6 thoughts on “A Multi-Modal Weekend

  1. kittyscreations says:

    I wish we had zip car in Tampa. That would make switching to a one car or no car household so much easier.

  2. Trisha says:

    What a cute luau picture! Looks like a fun party. And yum, Dinkel’s doughnuts. Happy to have them waiting for you anytime. ;)

    Kittyscreations, I’m with you — might consider not having a car if there was an option to rent one so cheaply and easily here.

  3. anna says:

    You’re damn right. Especially in a city most people wouldn’t need to OWN a car (of course public transport and car sharing facilities need to be there in the first place, but that isn’t difficult to achieve for a government). I often imagine what Vienna would look like with only half of the parked cars on the streets – much friendlier and safer for sure. I have a driver’s license for many years but never owned a car myself. Well, I like to use public transport a lot, but it’s handy to know that I could also hire a shared car. Probably I would take some driving lessons before – haven’t been driving for at least 3 years now, and also not too much before.
    Well, but it’s not so much about not driving cars at all. It’s like you say. It’s just about choosing the right mode of transport for the right journey :-).

    Have you seen that graph before: http://tinyurl.com/djo27y

  4. Ah, what to do with the helmet and whatever else I bring along. It gives me humility.

    I’ve heard of Zipcar. We have Hourcar in Mpls. The person I know with the Hourcar pays a flat fee for 17 hours a month. That includes insurance and gas. You do have to reserve the car.

    ps. I hope to ship bike Tuesday or Wednesday, so you get it by Friday.

  5. meligrosa says:

    those pink gloves are my favorite!!

  6. Karen says:

    The New York Times just did a recent story on ZipCar. What an amazing concept. Flagstaff doesn’t have anything like this and our public transit does not yet come out to my neighborhood, although City resident last year voted to raise the sales tax to pay for expanded bus service so we are hopeful. I am not opposed to car ownership. My husband and I love our Honda Element but the fact is that, especially in today’s economy, many of use could use altneratives. I don’t know how we’d afford a new car if we had to purchase one, and we have good jobs. People who have been laid off or who work low paying retail or service jobs need alternatives in order to meet their needs from one pay period to the next.

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